Winning $ 80,000 in Oz Lotto Has Turned Her Whole Life Around

Another winning story that truly inspired people all around Australia is the story of the young woman Margaret who managed to win $80,000 in a single Oz lotto game and change her whole life overnight. This 23 years old college student played just her second lottery and managed to be among the two big Oz lotto winners that won the big prize. All adult Australian residents are eligible to play this extremely easy game that puts you beside all other players and gives you the same opportunities of actually winning, be it small or big money prizes.

Oz Lotto Winners

Margaret was a young student, living and studying in Sydney. Due to many financial problems that her family was experiencing, she had to study and work at the same time in order to be able to continue and supplement her studies with the money she was earning from working. The eldest child of her family, she had to also provide some minor financial help to her mother and her two smaller brothers.

She had played once before Oz lotto in her life and didn’t win so she had been really disappointed about the money she had lost and the fact that the Oz lotto results didn’t include her playing numbers. As she said after her win ‘I don’t know why I decided to play once more. It was purely out of fun and not in the hopes that I could be actually one of the Oz lotto winners’.

Oz Lotto Results

The results of the lottery had been announced, but Margaret didn’t see them, not for a whole week. She had been studying for some midterm exams, and she didn’t have the time to check the results. She had played some of her favourite numbers, including her brothers’ birthday and her mother’s age at the time.

A week later she found herself in her mother’s house, browsing through the internet for some college exam results she was anticipating. It was the first time after she had submitted the ticket that she actually considered to check the Oz Lotto results. It took ages before she could realise that she had actually won $80,000. Her whole family couldn’t believe that they had won so much from a single ticket.

Oz Lotto Winners

Life after the Oz Lotto Results

Their lives changed for the better. Margaret could keep up with her college workload without staying up late and have to work at the same time. She could now help her family and help her brothers with their own studies as well. Being one of the Oz lotto winners has changed the lives of more than one person and managed to improve their quality of life.

Oz lotto gives to everyone the opportunity to claim big prizes with the smallest possible amount of ticket. You don’t have to spend much in order to increase your chances of winning a prize that can change your whole life as well as your beloved ones as well.

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