Twice as nice. Point cook man wins two Tattslotto division one prizes

What’s better than winning TattsLotto once? Winning TattsLotto twice!

A young man from Point Cook has discovered what it’s like to be doubly rich after mistakenly playing the same line of TattsLotto numbers twice. In the weekend’s draw and winning two division one prizes of more than $1.3 million!

Thanks to his simple mistake the happy man in his 30s pocketed a total of $2,618,694.18 in division one prize money. But said it took him a little while to realize he wasn’t just a millionaire, he was a multi-millionaire!

“It was about 10 pm on Saturday night and I was watching Prison Break on Netflix and I thought the TattsLotto results are probably out so I hit pause to log onto my Tatts account and check my tickets,” he explained.

Tattslotto Winner

“At first I thought ‘Wow I’ve won $1.3 million!’ so at first, I was lying in bed shaking!

“My head was full of plans on how I could spend $1.3 million. I was thinking I’ll be able to buy a really decent house – that was the most important thing.

“After all, most people spend their entire lives working towards paying off their mortgage and I thought ‘Well now I’m one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to worry about that’. For me that is the best thing about winning the lottery, being freed up to concentrate on living my life.

“I also always fantasized about owning a Ferrari if I ever won the Lotto. But I imagined that maybe a BMW or Audi would be more realistic with the prize money I’d have left after owning my dream home.

“But then after an hour or so I realized I hadn’t checked the rest of my tickets so I looked at the next one and to my surprise, I found that I’d played the same game twice!

“I thought ‘Holy shit, so I just won $2.6 million! That’s crazy! I’m definitely getting that Ferrari now!’

“And I’m also going to take some time off work and travel to see the Seven Wonders of the World and find out for myself if they are as wondrous as they say!

“Obviously I wasn’t expecting to win once let alone twice. So I couldn’t even finish that episode or sleep the entire night!”

The young man explained it was his love for even numbers and a simple accidental game selection that turned out to be the best mistake he’d ever made.

“I never usually play the same game twice – it wasn’t intentional, it just happened!” he exclaimed.

“I just really like even numbers. When I saved my first ever 12-game QuickPick entry to my online account. I noticed there was one line that had a set of all even numbers. So I wrote it down and saved it as a favorite game to play again on another ticket, maybe in Powerball.

“So what must have happened is that I forgot I’d duplicated that line. I just played my first ever entry again as well as my favorite game in the same TattsLotto draw!”

The man admitted he’d come close to winning division one before but felt it had just slipped through his fingers.

“It’s almost happened to me before, I missed the big one by just one number a few years ago and never forgot how close I came. So now I’ve won the double division one in the same draw I feel like it is my redemption!” he exclaimed.

“All this time I’ve been thinking to win the lottery. This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing and I never ever thought I would win, I just dreamt about the what if?

“Now I can’t believe that my mistake has led to me winning double the division one prizes!”

The winner has chosen to remain anonymous.

Both of the happy man’s division one winning 12-game recorded entries were purchased online via – Australia’s official online lotteries.

Throughout Australia, there were three entries that won a first division prize of $1,309,347.09 in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw on Saturday 4 February 2017.

Along with the man who claimed two of division one winning prizes via his online account. The remaining division one winning entry was purchased in Western Australia.

The winning numbers in TattsLotto draw 3709 Saturday 4 February 2017 were 22, 16, 34, 36, 38 and 4. The supplementary numbers were 3 and 26.

The weekend’s winners take the Lott’s division one winners tally to 247 so far this financial year. Thats including 100 won by Tatts customers.

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