The Recent Tattslotto Winners and How They Got Lucky

If you haven’t ever taken part in a lottery, it might be hard for you to believe that people actually do become millionaires overnight. By buying a ticket that costs you around a dollar or a little more, you can be in the race to win millions of dollars. Australia happens to be one of the luckiest regions in the world when it comes to lotteries. It has some of the most generously rewarding lotteries that turn hundreds of people into millionaires every month. Today, you will get to read about three recent players who were either shocked to receive the news of their huge wins or thankful for their patience and persistence because these qualities made them millionaires.

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The Three Big Tattslotto Winners in the Recent Days

A Trip to New Zealand for This Lady

One of the amazing winners in the recent draws was a woman could not believe she had won even after she had scanned the ticket and found out that she was the big winner. She was shopping for grocery like she always did and that’s when she discovered that she was one of the nine winners of the draw that took place on October 20, 2018. It was an amazing day because there were nine people who were able to match the jackpot winning numbers. Since the total prize is $4 million, the amount distributed to each player was a little more than $443,000.

The winner was shopping around and was ready to buy the ticket for her next entry into the lottery. Little did she know that her previous ticket had already made her nearly half a million dollar richer than before. When the officials contacted her to tell her about the win, she was in utter shock. Of course, every winner has some plans of how they would spend the money. This lucky winner had her family on top of her list just like most other players. She also said that the money was going to help her finish a home renovation job. The big dream was to go to New Zealand.

Nothing could have been better than going to New Zealand with enough money to do just about anything without worrying about the budget. The owners of the Mowbray newsXpress were elated to know that a ticket purchased from them was able to win someone that much money. The winning numbers were 38, 14, 15, 42, 5, 45 – 8, 22 (supplementary). Since it was a regular draw, the prize money was $4 million, which was then distributed equally among nine winners.

The Multi-millionaire Grandma

October 27, 2018 was definitely the luckiest day for this grandmother who turned into a multi-millionaire within seconds. The draw on October 27 was not an ordinary. Instead, it was a Superdraw and so the jackpot was a huge $20 million. There were seven winners in total and this grandmother was one of the lucky ones. The total prize money she received for being one of the seven winners was a little more than $2,850,000. Yes, the grandma did not win just a million, but nearly three million dollars. This winner is an epitome of persistence and perseverance, which are qualities every lottery player should have.

According to her, she had been purchasing the lottery tickets for more than 45 years when even her children were young. She had won in the past too but the biggest amount she managed to win from Tattslotto was $1700. She has a special bond with her grandchildren and that’s why she wishes to do something for them the first thing after receiving the money. The biggest plan she has with the money is to take her grandchildren to Europe. She also wants to spend some money on home renovation.

The lucky numbers at this superdraw were 13, 17, 32, 9, 37, 16 – 6, 14 (Supplementary). There were seven other players who took home the exact amount of money as the grandma did.

He Spilled His Coffee at the News

Another win from the same superdraw that took place on October 27, 2018 was this man from Point Cook. Just like the grandmother mentioned before, the exact prize that this man won was $2,857,142. It was one of the seven shares of the $20 million jackpot. The winner is not over the shock right now. When the lottery officials talked to him, he was still shocked. According to him, he was drinking his coffee when he turned on the application on his smartphone to check the results of the lottery. As soon as the message appeared on his screen, he was jolted and almost spilled his coffee.

This winner is a very responsible person. He thinks that the multi-million dollar win is definitely huge for him but it won’t make him quit his job. According to him, he is doing what he likes and so quitting the job is not one of the top thoughts on his mind like it is for most other lottery winners. The only big dream this person has is to buy a Mustang with the money. He wants to be wise with using the money and is therefore considering using the money as an investment. Whatever money remains after the investment will be used for helping friends and family.

There were 107 people winners in the second prize winning category on this superdraw and each winner got $10,000.

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Do You Wish to be a Millionaire?

The stories of the people who become millionaires are always interesting. They are almost always in shock for winning such a huge prize. You can obtain a lot of motivation from these stories but that should not be the only aim for you. In fact, you should aim for landing in one of these stories yourself. Wouldn’t you love it when there is a story about you winning millions of dollars? Imagine how many dreams you can fulfill with millions of dollars in your account. Just have a positive attitude and buy a lot of tickets to have plenty of chances of winning the Tattslotto jackpot.

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