The Recent Australian Powerball Winners – Do You Like Playing by Your Own Rules?

Imagine if you had so much money that you could live your life by your own rules. If you wanted to go to the Florida, you just would. If you wanted to stand in front of the magnanimous volcano in Hawaii, you would do that too. With millions of dollars in your account, you can do just that. In fact, some of the winners you are going to read about just now are playing by their rules right now. These are the Australian Powerball winners. Australian Powerball remains among the top lotteries in Australia due to huge jackpots, with the minimum jackpot size of $3 million.

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Let’s get to know about some huge wins in the recent days.

The Big Australian Powerball Winners

The $30 Million Man from Tasmania

Imagine what your first reaction would be if you found out that you just became the owner of $30 million. Perhaps, you would even cancel the plan of going to the nearby restaurant on the coming weekend because now you will have better and bigger things to do. It is amazing that the Australian Powerball drawing done on September 20, 2018 had only one winner taking home the whopping $30 million first prize. The jackpot had rolled four times before it became as big as it was. Since there are no taxes to be paid, the man gets to keep the entire $30 million.

The winning numbers that got this man lucky were 2, 6, 8, 10, 17, 20, 30 – 8 (Powerball). These numbers are in numerical order, not the order they were drawn in. In addition to this lucky man winning all the eight numbers on the ticket, there were six people who won in the second prize category. Each winner in the second tier got home with more than $66,000. Furthermore, there were more than 50 winners in the third prize category with each winner now able to enjoy more than $4,500 to buy something they have been long waiting for. Perhaps, each player could buy the latest smartphone for the entire family.

The Winner Who’s Trying His Best to Remain Calm

While this winner tried his best to remain calm, one could say that he could not have pulled that off for a long time. Yes, if you won a million dollars, you would somehow manage to remain calm. But there is no way you can keep that composure when what you have won is $50 million. Yes, it was August 16 draw in which the winning numbers were going to win the lucky winner $100 million. However, there were two winners on that occasion who were able to match the jackpot numbers with 13, 27, 31, 32, 33, 35, 3 – 3 (Powerball).

According to the man, he only checked his ticket when he heard the news that the winner was from his city but was still undiscovered. He had his son to check the ticket for him and when he found out that truth, he could not believe it. The winner said that he was trying his best to remain as cool and calm as possible. He said he was saving his screams for the time when the money gets transferred to his account. When asked about how he planned to spend his money, he said his family was always on top of his list. Other than helping the family, the winner wishes to spend money in some investments to make his life even better not just for today, but for many years to come.

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While some lottery winners continue to do their jobs even after winning big, this huge win was not going to keep the man doing the hard work all day every day. He wants to retire as soon as possible now and start a business with the money or invest it in shares. The winner of the other $50 million is still a mystery. Imagine a person wandering around in his/her life routinely without knowing that $50 million is waiting for them.

The Only Owner of the $50 Million

It is one thing to hit a $100 million jackpot and share half of it with another winner, but winning the $50 million alone is something special. The draw took place on June 7, 2018 and the winning numbers were 14, 22, 23, 24, 30, 32, 34 – 9 (Powerball). After a few rollovers, the jackpot was now big enough to get the attention of the players from around the world, not just Australia. According to the reports, this person bought the ticket online and so he/she can be from anywhere in the country or outside. Whoever this person is, he/she has to check the ticket as soon as possible for the meet the unbelievable reality.

Of course, it can be painful for the people in the second category because all they missed was the Powerball. Other than that, they matched the seven numbers. There were eight winners on June 7 who could not hit the jackpot because they did not match the Powerball. Each winner in this category went home with more than $77,000 in their pockets. You can see that $77,000 is nothing small by any means. They could do a lot of stuff with this money. People in the third category won $4,600 each, and there were 82 of them.

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What Are You Waiting For?

It does not require a lot of money for you to be participating in Australian Powerball. In fact, you can join the game from anywhere in the world today by buying your ticket online. If you are a pessimist who thinks he/she cannot win, just keep in mind that the winners stated above thought the same at some point. That’s what makes lotteries so exciting and thrilling. You never know what you are going to win. If you can do some research on past drawn numbers, you might win big after two days. If you do not know already, there is a $3 million Australian Powerball jackpot coming up right now.

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