The Tattslotto or Saturday Lotto is among the numerous lottery games that are very famous, found in the portfolio of Australian Lotto. Some of them are specific to a particular state while others like Australia Saturday Lotto, Powerball Australia and Oz Lotto are countrywide games played all through the country.

The history of Australian Lottery games can be traced back to 1895 when a firm named Tattersalls started its initial lottery work in Hobart, Tasmania.

Presently, Australian Lotteries consist of lottery companies that are privately as well as state owned. Each of them is licensed by the territory or state where they are found.

Tattslotto Saturday Lotto Features

Australia Saturday Lotto presents a Tattersalls lotto game known as Tattslotto. This is a nationwide game that is available to be played all through the entire Australia.

This game has 4 varied names and this is determined by the state you reside; in Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territories and Tasmania, it is called Tattslotto. In Queensland it is called Gold Lotto while in Western Australia and New South Wales it is called Saturday Lotto. In South Australia it is known as X Lotto.

The initial draw for Tattslotto Saturday happened in 22 June 1972. The Tatts Lotto is a conventional jackpot kind of draw game and is drawn once each week at 9.30 pm AEDT on Saturday evening.

In the Tatts Lotto calendar also, there are numerous Saturday Lotto draws, which occur every year known as Superdraws because of the size of their jackpot and one huger draw held two times a year called a Megadraw.

How Tattslotto Saturday Draw Works

Tattslotto Saturday lotto utilizes a 6/45 matrix that signifies that when playing you should choose 6 main numbers from a numbers range of 1-45. In case you match each of the 6 main numbers that are drawn, you shall be a winner of Tattslotto jackpot.

After the 6 main numbers are drawn 2 extra numbers called Supplementary Numbers are drawn also, raising the number of methods in which you are able to win to 6.

These 2 extra Supplementary Numbers are utilized to establish the prizewinners on 2, 5 and 6 winning levels. Saturday Lotto jackpot begins at AUS$ 4 million and is going to rollover. This rises in size every week and is not won up to the time the 6 main numbers are successfully matched.

A facility for ‘SlikPik’ is present when playing Tatts Lotto games, which is the same as ‘Easy Pick’ or ‘Lucky Dip’ options that are utilized in the UK EuroMillions, National Lottery or majority of USA Lottery games. This means the computer terminal or retailer can choose each of your Tatts Lotto numbers on your behalf if you want.

It is therefore very easy to play the Australian Saturday Lotto. You simply choose your individual 6 main numbers or allow the computer to select them automatically on your behalf by utilizing its random number generator.

4 is the least number of entries which you can play with every time you take part in Saturday Lotto.

Who is Eligible to play Saturday Lotto?

Previously, as with majority of lottery games throughout the globe, you need to be residing in the specific country to actually participate in any games it offers. Today however, genuine and certified sales agents for online lottery tickets are available, such as Lottosend and Oz Lotteries. With them, you can play lotteries comfortably from your own home, wherever you reside in the world.

This is applicable to the Australian Saturday Lotto as well as other Australian Lottery games present. It is simple for you to select your Tattslotto numbers online and buy your tickets, whether you are staying in Australia or any other place in the world.

This is great news if you reside outside Australia and desire to play Australian Saturday Lotto and ensure you will take part in the following draw or if you simply want to have the pleasure of being in a position to purchase lottery tickets online.

The age restriction that applies for buying tickets for any Australian Lottery games is a bit different; in all states it is 18 years old aside from Western Australia. Here, it is 16 years old.

Results for Tattslotto

Tattersalls draws the Saturday Lotto Australia each Saturday evening at 9.30 pm AEDT and numerous methods exist for you to discover the latest results for Tattslotto to check whether you are a winner.

Firstly, you can watch Channel 2 television to view Saturday Lotto draw all through the Australian territories and states. Also, this will be broadcasted on various radio stations in addition to being published in specific newspapers.

The latest results for Saturday Lotto shall also be displayed on every website for Australian Lotto company, immediately after every draw.

Winning Odds of Tattslotto Saturday Lotto

There is an overall of 6 different methods for you to become a lottery winner of TattsLotto Saturday Lotto. When you select the 6 main winning digits correctly, your winning odds for the jackpot of Australia Saturday Lotto prize are 1 in 8.14 million. With these odds, you could become one of the top prizewinners of Tattslotto.

For one of 2nd division prizes and making a correct match of 5 of the main lotto digits and either 1 or 2 of the Supplementary Numbers, the odds are available at 1 in 678,755, which is more favorable.

The possibility of winning a prize of 3rd tier is 1 in 36,689, when you match 5 of the main numbers. For a prize on 4th tier when the 4 main numbers are matched, the odds are 1 in 733.

For a 5th division prize by matching only 3 of the main winning lottery digits and either 1 or 2 of the supplementary numbers, this gives you lottery odds of only 1 in 297.

The last prize for 6th division winning level offers 1 in 144 odd for choosing either 1 or 2 of the main winning digits together with the 2 Supplementary Numbers and the general odds of you becoming a winner of any prize on Tatts Lotto are 1 in 85, which is highly competitive.

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