Tattslotto $40 million winner mystery is solved

An astounded married couple that resides in a tiny Victorian dairy town has emerged as the exceptional winners of $40 million for Oz Lotto jackpot prize.

This fortunate pair who desire their identity to remain undisclosed, made the discovery just late last night. This is that the ticket they had for Oz Lotto on Tuesday night draw consisted of each of the seven winning figures!

On Tuesday, the figures in the draw for $40 were 22, 32, 25, 11,38, 4 and 5. The supplementary figures were 20 and 40.

The couple has resolved to give up their work and retire and also distribute the cash to their neighboring community. They purchased their 36-game QuickPick ticket, which was unregistered, from Nextra Newsagency in Leongatha town in South Gippsland.

In a statement regarding this fortune that was life changing, the wife stated, ‘This is a huge shock.’

‘It is amazing. We were advised by someone to examine our ticket and in the end it turned out that we were the ones. We have repeatedly checked the figures on our ticket but they have not changed!’

‘Even now we are attempting to absorb it all and trying to embrace the magnitude of our win.’

‘We at no time ever thought that we would be winners of a jackpot prize worth $40 million.’

‘Even when the figures are looking you in the face, you still find it unbelievable!’

Information about the couple’s win was availed following a serious search that went on for three days in South Gippsland area to get the latest multimillionaires in the nation.

The couple that has resided for many years in the town said they were committed to ‘giving back.’

‘This fortune is more than enough for catering to the needs of our family. We are not materialistic and have been wondering for a long time in what other way we can assist. I doubt whether we have even set any plans yet, for ourselves,’ according to the statement from the couple.

‘We have always planned that in case we became lottery winners for even $1 million, we would distribute the cash to the Leongatha community as well as other great causes; now this plan has become much more huger,’ they said.

‘Following the win, the greatest change for us will be managing to retire and being free. It is remarkable, the things you can engage in, with additional time to have fun with the things you adore.’

Nextra Newsagency sold the ticket and the owner, Peter Watchorn, said this was wonderful news since a local couple was the winner.

‘This will not just improve our business but for the nearby community,’ said Mr. Watchorn.

‘This news is wonderful for the region and has truly made Leongatha popular.’

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