Sydney Syndicate Wins $16.4 Million Jackpot

Lucky Powerball Syndicate Winners

A lottery syndicate in Australia has won a reported $16.4 million Powerball jackpot prize last week after landing all of the 6 numbers plus the bonus number in the draw.

The winning numbers were 11-34-17-31-8-9 and Powerball 16. One of the tickets that the syndicate had bought for the draw turned out to be a lucky winner, worth $16,400,000!

Powerball Australia Results

The syndicate is comprised of 6 men, all aged in their 20s. The syndicate players received the great news after the draw.

Each player in the group has won more than $2,730,000, a huge sum that will keep them happy for years to come if spent wisely.

“All 6 of us are hardworking men… except for one of us,” stated one of the men after hearing about his lucky win from the lottery representative.

“All of us are going to quit our day jobs! I plan to never work another day in my life! I am going to use the winnings for buying a home and also buy another home and start rebuilding it.”

“I am not going back to work!”

The syndicate players work at the same day job and all of them have requested to remain anonymous. Their winning ticket was the only jackpot winner on October 19.

The group syndicate manager that spoke with reporters and with lottery officials stated that it is his job now to convince his work mates that they are all now multi-millionaires and he doubts that they will believe him at first “they will think I am kidding with them” he stated.

“After every draw I call them up and tell them that it’s another loss!”

During 2016, Australia had a year record biggest jackpot win that was also a lucky syndicate from Queensland – who won a whopping $55 million.

The next big Oz Lotto drawing is $10 million and the draw is today.

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