Student Misses Out On Oz Lotto Millions

Student misses out on Oz Lotto millions

A Student from Nottingham, England has missed out a huge windfall after he didn’t buy his online lottery ticket in time. Ben, a student of communications in the West Midlands has been playing the lottery online since spring 2014. “I’ve been playing the lottery online since I started Uni, I started with the more well-known draws like the Powerball but quickly moved over to the Oz Lotto as it had the best odds and I was always awake to watch the Oz Lotto draw live from my laptop”.

Ben couldn’t believe his eyes when he realized that the first time in 2 years he hasn’t got an Oz Lotto ticket is the time he won! Ben missed out on $87,025.15 when his usual 6 numbers plus the bonus ball on a recent draw came in and he didn’t have a ticket. “My heart sunk.” Said Ben, “I knew immediately what had happened, I couldn’t believe it, I felt numb.”

According to Ben it took around a week for the Oz Lotto gossip to spread through campus and he even had his teachers asking him about his Oz Lotto misfortune, “it was pretty embarrassing, I’m now known as the Oz Lotto guy at school, hopefully the name will wear off soon enough!”

Despite almost 3 years of playing it never struck Ben to set up an lottery subscription as he figured he would always buy the tickets in time. A student with plenty of free time during the week should always have enough time. This is why subscriptions are set up – don’t allow yourself the chance to make the mistake. Set up an lottery subscription and you will never miss out on a draw again…guaranteed.

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And Going Deeper

Ben had to get his mind together quickly and just made it to a lecture in time, “I couldn’t think about anything, all I kept saying to myself was ‘why didn’t you get a subscription!’”

This is exactly what Ben should have done. A subscription would have made sure that this problem never happened. Getting an Oz Lotto subscription is a sure-fire way to never miss out on a draw again, your Oz Lotto numbers are put through to every upcoming draw you desire. Ben did exactly this and began the next week with his lottery subscription.

Ben told us he “set up my lottery subscription the next day, I know it’s unlikely that I will win the Oz Lotto again so soon but I can’t bear the thought of missing out again!”

We get you Ben, just because your Oz Lotto numbers came out last week it doesn’t mean that they won’t come out again.

The Oz Lotto has one draw every week on a Tuesday. winnings are tax free and at the time of writing the jackpot stands at $5 million.

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