Stories of Lottery Winners Who Bought Tickets Online

For a lot of people, the concept of becoming a lottery winner is only a dream. Majority of people believe this until winning the lottery turns into a reality. For anyone that purchased a lottery ticket, feelings of hopefulness, anticipation, and expectancy are always there, which are connected to the likelihood of winning the jackpot.

A fascinating element of playing the lottery is that anyone can win, making them richer.

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Truck Driver Wins big

Adam S. Adam A is a truck driver from the UK in Midlands. He took the opportunity to play the Polish Lotto through Lottoland.  He only paid 60 p to purchase his lotto ticket and soon realized that he had won the jackpot; an astounding £1.8 million pounds.

According to Adam, even though driving a truck made him stay away from home for lengthy periods, he derived pleasure from the job. He purchased the ticket while on the road, and he would check his mobile phone through Lottoland. He derived pleasure while using his smartphone to play the lottery as he spent many days and nights on the road.

Adam was very astounded and elated to discover that he had become a lottery winner. He said that from the time he was a child, he had many dreams and appreciated what such newly discovered possibilities could bring to his life.

With the £1.8 million that Adam won. He planned to purchase a new house, start a small business and purchase an alpine lodge. After realizing that he had become a lottery winner, Chris Tarrant, Lottoland’s millionaire maker gave him a £1.8 million cheque, rendering him speechless.

Even though it is rare, some favorable odds are available when you play Polish lotto. The draws take place thrice a week and present some astonishing cash prizes. When Adam played the lotto, it had a significant effect on his life, making him free to pursue any dream he had as a child.

El Salvador Pensioner Strikes the Jackpot

Another latest lottery win occurred in El Salvador. A pensioner from El Salvador aged 73 years who is a grandfather and a great-grandfather. Found out that he had become a winner of $1 million with the Powerball lottery. He got a phone call informing that he was a winner of $1 million.

After finding out that he becomes a lottery winner, the pensioner didn’t know how to respond. Since he lacked any pension and had always imagined going with his family on a major tour. Now he can make these two wishes come true.  Having sufficient cash to make his pension secure and managing to take a trip with his family was in itself a great win.


Iraqi Man Wins through theLotter

Another incident of a fascinating win via theLotter was by an Iraqi that got into shock when he saw that he hit the jackpot. He participated in the Oregon Megabucks lottery and obtained one of the most significant wins ever. This lottery winner from Iraq whose identity is not revealed. Bought his lottery tickets online. He proved that a geographic area does not provide any barrier when winning significant prizes.

Oregon Megabuck Lottery made an exception and permitted him to claim the prize without revealing his identity to preserve his security. He says that he discovered he had won the astonishing prize as he went to the bank! Initially, he found it so unbelievable that he was a winner.

However, he gradually accepted the truth; that he was a winner of $6.4 million.  The lottery winner says that he got a call from the Lottery as he drove to the bank. Christine, a customer support agent, made the call, and when she broke the news, the winner went into shock!

The winner chose to obtain a payout of $256,000 (before taxes) each year which he will get every year for the coming 25 years! When we asked whether he would play the lottery again, the winner said he was sure he would go on buying tickets.

Mum from Exeter Wins the Lottery

A mum from Exeter was amazed and shocked to discover she had become a 3 million winner by using Lotto Quadruple Rollover draw to log into her online account. Jenn Burston who is a mother of two young kids frequently plays the EuroMillions Lottery online. She was among the five ticket holders who were able to match 5 digits as well as the bonus ball.

As no one had matched 6 figures, the prize rolled down, leaving the five ticket holders a small amount in lottery prize winnings. Jenn states that she was speechless to learn that she was among the lucky few to win £3 million.

She says “I play EuroMillions Lotto online all the time and came across the considerable Lotto rollover. Therefore, I resolved to try it. I was preparing to sleep on Wednesday night and decided to check my account first to find out whether I had won anything. I used my phone to log in and, it indicated that I had won…my digits were correct! I thought to myself, wait…I guess I am a winner of £3,000! I went to show my husband my phone.”

When Jenn’s husband saw her phone, he found it hard to believe. He even asked her whether she was confident that the figures that came up were hers. The good news is that Jenn checked her digits once more on her iPad and she was ecstatic to learn that her numbers had been as same as the numbers that won the prize.

She was so thrilled that she could not sleep a wink. The National Lottery sent her an email telling her that she had won and to anticipate a £3 million prize. Even though at first Jenn was very shocked, she was not sure of how she would start using the cash. But, she already has major plans for the £3 million, such as going on vacation again to Turkey and purchasing a bigger family home.

Each of the above lottery winners. Bought their tickets online and played to win, and as a result, they became more affluent.

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