South African wins the Oz Lotto online without realizing

A South African online lottery player recent won the Division 2 prize of the Oz Lotto without even realizing. Eric, an estate agent from Johannesburg, South Africa started playing the lottery online in 2015 and set up a subscription plan on the Oz Lotto in August 2016. “I kind of forgot about the subscription that I had set up, it was a few dollars every week & I was still playing the Superenalotto which has 3 draws a week so I guess that’s why I forgot.” Said a delighted Eric when we spoke to him on the phone.

Eric was checking his emails about the Tuesday evening draw for the Superenalotto when he noticed an email with the subject line “You’ve matched numbers in the Oz Lotto!”. According to Eric, “I didn’t think it was anything, firstly I didn’t think I was still buying lotto tickets, and even if I was, I figured it would be $10 or something.”

Eric won $91,228.85 when he matched the numbers 12, 39, 45, 41, 37, 22 & bonus number 20 on Oz Lotto draw 1206. “I couldn’t believe it, I was jumping and screaming in the office, everyone turned around.” Eric quickly realized that his Oz Lotto subscription had continued and boy was he happy about it! “This is why you set up a subscription I guess!”.

When we spoke to Eric he said he couldn’t be happier at how everything worked out. He’s continued his subscription and told us that he’ll keep the subscription going forever. “It’s a few dollars week that I didn’t noticed before so why should it make such a big difference going forward, plus I’ve already won enough Oz Lotto winnings to pay for a lifetime of tickets!”

Oz Lotto Next Jackpot Ball

The surprise Oz Lotto win made Eric go back and check that he hadn’t missed on other jackpot wins without realizing it, but unfortunately it was just the Oz Lotto windfall that he wasn’t aware of “I found some outstanding parking tickets, I guess since I won the Oz Lotto I can finally pay them off!”

We say get your outstanding parking tickets paid and use your winnings to buy yourself a diary! That way you can always know what lottery you’re playing and when to check if you’ve won.

The Oz Lotto is a great option if you’re looking for a subscription plan. With some of the best lotto odds in the world and tax-free winnings it’s easy to see why the Oz Lotto is one of the most popular online lotteries in the world.

When we heard about Eric’s story we just had to get in touch and hear from him. Another great Lotto online winner’s story!

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