A Single Oz Lotto Entry Wins Whopping $40 Million Jackpot But is still Unclaimed!

Last night, a fortunate Queenslander became winner of the whole Oz Lotto jackpot of 40 million. However, the entry was not registered, so it is still not known who the latest multi-millionaire is.

Purchase of the ticket occurred in Cairns. This morning, Matthew Hart, the spokesman of Golden Casket requested all lotto players in Queensland to confirm their entries since the latest multi-millionaire in the country had not yet revealed himself to claim the jackpot that was won in the 1215 Oz Lotto draw on Tuesday night.

According to him, it was not possible for lotto officials to get in touch with the winner because they purchased a ticket which was unregistered, rather than using a Winner’s Circle card that was registered, to join.

‘We are aware that the purchase of the entry took place in Queensland; however, they might be residing there or have been simply been touring a specific area,’ stated Mr Hart.

‘A great number of reasons exist for all players in Cairns who are in possession of an entry for last night’s draw, to examine their ticket instantly.’

‘In case you realize that you are in possession of the winning entry for division one, keep that ticket safe and call 131 868 immediately in order for us to begin the procedure of claiming prizes.’

Mr Hart stated that a $2 million lotto prize of division one 3315 entry draw from Gold lotto remains unclaimed. This draw was occurred on 22 January 2014.

This fortune, which was unclaimed, was purchased at DFO Cairns (NewsExtra). Mr Hart stated that this year, Far North had ascertained to be a famous lotto area. In Cairns, there were six division one wins and the area nearby as of now, this year.

‘This is inclusive of three Gold Lotto wins on Monday and Tuesday, a couple of Oz Lotto wins as well as one Super 66 win,’ he said.

‘In overall, from January, an excess of $58 million in prizes of lotto division one have been experienced in this area.’

‘Fascinatingly, huge Oz Lotto wins have been seen in this area. In February, a farmer from Mareeba, aged 50 something, became winner of $15 million. His intention was to assist his family, purchase another house, embark on a cruise and purchase the Ute he always dreamt of.’

The $40 million jackpot of Tuesday night ranked third among the top Australian jackpots this year.

Mr Hart stated that a man from Sydney won a Powerball jackpot of $50 million some weeks back, while a syndicate won a prize of $55 million at the beginning of the year.

1, 35,31, 19, 4, 13 and 26 were Oz Lotto’s winning numbers for $40 million draw 1215. 25 and 37 were the supplementary numbers.



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