Set for Life Winner story

The Set for Life has produced many millionaires over the years! These awesome wins have enabled people who were otherwise leading ordinary lives to transform their lives entirely.

With their newfound wealth, they are able to quit their jobs, go on that holiday they have always dreamt of but could not afford, purchase a new car or home and generally uplift their lives.

Below are stories of some lucky winners whose lives were totally changed by Set for Life lottery!


Two Victorian 1st Prize Winners for Set for Life increase countrywide score to seven!

Man from Latrobe Valley Plans to Go Fishing!


A man from a Latrobe Valley town was extremely shocked when an official from Tatts called him on Monday morning to inform him that his Set for Life entry had become winner of 1st Prize.

The amazed man, who does not want his identity revealed, stated that life seemed so much simpler for him as well as his family, as he shall now be receiving $20,000 each month for 20 years.

This man shouted in joy and said that you always imagine how astounding it would be to become a winner, but you find it hard to believe that you will experience it.

‘Our lives will be much easier. We are moderately comfortable, but now we shall be able to assist our kids and keep them from trouble. It means also, that we shall be in a position to give support to charities to assist cancer research, which our family holds dear.’

set for life

‘My hobby is fishing and I have a passion for it, so each time I get the opportunity and the climate is ideal, I venture out in my boat! Now my concerns will be reduced and there will be more time for fishing!

‘We were making savings for a little vacation but now, we can go off on an adventure far away! One of the dreams we have always had is travelling to Europe and cruising through Budapest.

The man’s excitement was so huge that he overlooked to inform his wife about the thrilling news. He passed the phone to her and requested them to break the news to his wife.

She shouted, ‘What! This is unbelievable. My blood pressure has escalated!’ She laughingly said that she does not normally believe everything and therefore requires some time to compose herself.

The 4-SET Quick SET that won was bought from Churchill Newsagency & Lotto in Hazelwood Village, Georgina Place, Shop 2 in Churchill.

Churchill Newsagency & Lotto’s manager, Cyndy Ward stated she was excited for their winner of Set for Life and the 20 years of potentials they had before them. According to Ms. Ward, it was wonderful to have another 1st Prizewinner for Set for Life.


‘It gives us great happiness because of our winner and wish them a fascinating journey with their fortune, in the coming 20 years!’ All through Australia, it presented the sole entry that won a 1st Prize in draw 197 for Set for Life on Friday night.


Winner of Set For Life to go cruising down Murray River!


A north-central Victoria man has had his dreams come true after discovering his digits came up in the draw for Saturday night and he had become winner of 1st Prize of $20,000 for Set for Life every month for 20 years.

The honest, down to earth man remarked that it amazed him when he realized how lucky he had become.’

‘I was gardening in the yard early in the morning on Sunday. I thought to myself that things could be simpler than this. Therefore, I examined my ticket for Set for Life and what I discovered was awesome. I had become winner of 1st Prize!’

‘I dashed inside and told my wife to wake up shouting, ‘Sweetheart, we are Set for Life!’

‘This is totally great! You simply are not aware of how important this is to our family after experiencing hard times over the years.’

‘This means I am now able to retire!’

Laughing, he stated that this method of getting the prize each month is much better. This is because he believes it will keep them organized so they do not go overboard!

The man who won stated that he had been using randomly generated numbers to play Set for Life for two months but resolved to attempt his luck with some particular birthday numbers for family.

My wife and I jointly selected our special digits. So, for that she deserves some credit, he said laughing.

The ecstatic couple stated that already, they had made arrangement on how to spend their initial  $20,000 installment.

They will hire a houseboat and go down to the Murray River with their family to celebrate, he said. “We’ve got the first lot planned!

‘I shall also manage to develop my garden since I love gardening.’’

‘We can also manage to take a holiday which we really deserve, for the initial time in 45 years! We shall go abroad but we would also adore touring Australia!’

The man bought his winning written 4-SET from Irymple Post News Agency  & Tattslotto, in Irymple, Fifteenth Street, Shop 1, 2109.


Jo Brimsmead, who is Irymple Post, Newsagency and TattsLotto’s part owner, stated that the win would be noted in the history books of the shop.


‘The shop has been in our possession for 5 ½ years; however, this is our initial top prize in a lottery game draw,’ she said.


About Set for Life Lottery


A draw for Set for Life is carried out each night of the week, all through the year. Players can begin their Set for Life entry (seven-day) on whatever day of the week.

With Set for Life, you have the opportunity to become a $20,000 winner each month for 20 years. Each entry for Set for Life offers you 7 days and draws as well as numerous opportunities every day to be Set for Life!

This lottery game is truly worth a try so as to transform your life for the better!


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