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A lady who became winner of $20,000 for Set for Life Lotto each month for 20 years will no longer iron!

A lady who is the latest Lotto’s Set for Life immediately knew which work she would quit, now that she was to receive an extra $20,000 each month for 20 years.

The lady, who was the initial prizewinner and her husband, stated she would dispose of the iron and in future, employed someone to iron the family’s attire.

The lady from Mackay, Queensland city remarked, ‘I am totally blown away!’ when she received a call from Golden Casket, disclosing the news this morning, about them being winners of $20,000 each month for 20 years.

‘Gosh! What this means is truly unbelievable! For us this means a total change of lifestyle!’ According to her, when she received the call, she was ironing, which she dislikes.

‘Now I am in a position to hire an ironing lady!’ She says she has no problem cleaning but dislikes ironing, so she has done away with this chore.

She laughingly remarked that there is a weird element about individuals who like ironing.  The lady and her spouse, who utilized a Jumbo QuickSET entry (10-set) each week also talked about how they would use their fortune.

‘It is very possible that we shall embark on a vacation! We will need to hide somewhere, to conceal the grins on our faces,’ she laughingly said.

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‘Therefore, I shall purchase another vehicle and we can travel to the Gold Coast and the north coast.’

‘What I desire most is for my new vehicle to consist of a reversing camera. I also intend to purchase new furniture, such as a reclining lounge suit. We needed an upgrade long before this.’

‘My kids will most likely advise us to save the money; however, I plan to use it while I have the chance and enjoy myself. Obviously, however, family takes priority. I shall manage to cater for my children’s bills. Most of the money will go to the kids.’

These latest 1st Prize winners of Set for Life, who did not want their identity known, bought their Jumbo Quickset entry (10-Set) in Caneland Central, Mackay, from Nextra Caneland News & Gift.

Winners for Set for Life will commemorate with a stubby and pie!

A Midland couple, that is middle-aged have at last stepped forward to pick their Set for Life 1st prize and shall obtain $20,000 each month for the coming 20 years!

The winning ticket for this couple from the draw held on Sunday night was bought from The Lucky Charm Midland. According to the man, he was happy and added that they would celebrate with a stubby and a pie.

According to the couple, the 1st Prize would provide a chance for many thrilling opportunities such as more golf, travel and some house renovations.

‘We can simply enter our vehicle and go to any place we wish. It simplifies life a lot and we have no need to be concerned about how we shall settle our coming bills,’ they stated.

These latest WA winners for 1st Prize for Set for Life remarked that they have been engaged in playing the game from the time it began in August.

‘We have been regular prize winners but this newest one is the best,’ they said.

WA has presented a couple of 1st Prizewinners for Set for Life in only three nights. Lotterywest still waits to be contacted by the previous night’s winner who bought their tickets from Lucky Charm Newsagency Baldivis.

Since Set for Life was started in August all through Australia last year, 11 1st Prizewinners have been presented and three of them are from WA.

Sets for Life draws take place every night of the week. Players can start their 7-day Set for Life entry on any day and tickets start from $8.40. WA players’ support in Set for Life has assisted Lotterywest to collect $16 million for WA community.

$40 million jackpot countdown

WA players shall have another opportunity to become big winners when $40 million is put on offer in the following draw for Oz Lotto. The offer of the jackpot is the hugest this year.

Tickets for the OZ Lotto jackpot for $40 million are present up to 6pm next Tuesday from Lotterywest retailers (in-store) via Play Online or by downloading the app for Lotterywest.

Man from Kogarah wins Lotto and is now set for Life!

A Kogarah man was very surprised after he claimed the first prize for Set for Life and became winner more than a couple of months back.

This 40 something year old man purchased the winning entry in Kogarah from St George Tobacconist.

The draw was carried out on 21 February; however, the entry was not registered and therefore, NSW Lotteries officials did not have any method of getting in touch with the unknown winner.

The winning man admitted that he had been walking around with the winning ticket inside his wallet the previous 10 weeks and just resolved to examine it last week.

‘I began to experience a weird feeling that I may have become a winner but did not desire to look at the ticket in the event that this was untrue,’ he claimed.

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‘I had witnessed the sign being put up in the store and I was aware that I had bought the ticket around that period. I simply hesitated as I believed it was not possible that it would happen to me.’

According to him, the ticket had fallen from the wallet in the supermarket and this is what made him decide to examine it before losing it.

The ecstatic winner remarked that the win would assist him and his family to make thrilling changes in life.

‘This is wonderful and will certainly secure our future and facilitate many changes.’

‘I have kids so this shall enable us to manage to offer them more and we shall spend extra time with them as we shall not need to put in as many hours working.’

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