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Set for Life lottery continues to present many winners, whose unexpected wins catch them totally by surprise! Being a millionaire is everyone’s dream and this lottery provides the opportunity to transform people’s lives.

Some lucky winners have grand plans on how they will spend their money, such as purchasing new cars and homes, as well as settling their bills.  Others are generous enough to donate to charity.

Below are some examples of lucky winners!

Couple from Mount Pearl to clear mortgage and take family on holiday with lottery winnings 

Lynn and Jim Yetman are winners of Set for Life and intend to settle some things such as credit card and mortgage debt.

At a news conference on Monday, Lynn Yetman said, ‘I am unable to describe my feelings now. It is astounding to be free from debt. I am free at 55!’ stated Lynn Yetman on Monday. The aim of the conference was to declare the couple’s win.

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In addition, the couple intends to purchase some things. Apart from the new SUV that they have already bought, they intend to have a family holiday and extra lottery tickets.

According to Lynn Yetman, in the morning she was feeling unhappy as she entered a Marie’s Mini Mart and purchased a scratch ticket that made her a winner of $50, prior to returning to A New Beginning, her home-care business. Yetman became winner of $14 from the tickets.

Office Manager Returned additional tickets

She said that her office manager wanted to go and get a drink at about 3 o’clock and he asked her whether she required anything. I told him to get me some Set for Life: 3 Set for Life and 2 one-dollar Nevadas.

Jim and Lyn of Mount Pearl intend to utilize their $675,000 in lottery winnings to settle debt and go on holiday as a family. When the office manager brought them back, she did not succeed with the initial few tickets.

‘I began scratching while thinking to myself that I was not lucky. But after scratching the last one, I discovered I had won set for life!’

Had Purchase New Cadillac Already

She called Jim, her husband but was in such shock that he was unable to comprehend what she said. When at last she managed to inform him that she had been a Set for Life winner, he was unable to believe it initially. 

The Yetmans chose the lump-sum option, rather than the $1,000 each week for 25 years. According to her, already, she had settled her credit card and they also intend to settle their mortgage. They have purchased a brand-new Cadillac for themselves and want to go on family holiday with their two kids and three grandchildren.

Lynn Yetman says she shall continue playing Set for Life.

Lottery Winner of Set for Life lottery winner mentions can of soup that brought ‘luck’

Neal Damato’s wish is to be buried together with his can of chicken noodle soup, which he considers lucky. The reason is that this Medford credits public safety supervisor from Suffolk County public, who is retired, believes the can and a burger he ate assisted him to win the instant game top prize for Set for Life in New York Lottery, valued at $5 million.

The dad of three, who has seven grandchildren, was among a couple of Long Islanders who obtained ceremonial cheques from the lottery amounting to $8 million.

Damato had the day off, from his part-time work where he worked as a school bus driver. He informed his wife that he longed to go out and buy a burger for lunch and they did so. He waited in the vehicle as his wife shopped in Kohl’s.

He stated that the burger made him feel too full. Therefore he went to the Stop & Shop to get a can of soup. He intended to have this for dinner, as he could not consume anything else, being too full.

After this, the road to change his life led him to Montauk Highway, Shirley, at Stop & Shop, where he inserted $20 inside a vending machine and obtained a couple of Set for Life tickets.

‘I scratched the initial ticket outside the shop and stood there in shock, thinking, ‘there is something wrong here.’

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He says he checked severally then went to find his wife. Damato is an ex-solder as well as Army National Guardsman. He wants to obtain a single time lump-sum payment which netted him $2,624,617 after the withholdings required, stated the lottery.

He and Carol his wife, 68 shall commemorate their wedding anniversary (50th) the coming month. They are currently organizing a tour of Hawaii and Damato is advocating for a tour of Tahiti also.

Carol Damato stated that the couple desires to spend the remaining winnings to assist their kids with the college expenses and mortgages and settle other bills they are able to.

In regard to the can of Soup, according to Neal, no person should ever open it.

‘It is my wish for them to bury me together with that chicken noodle can which brought me good luck,’ he stated.


Lottery Winner From Long Island

Diana Orozco is another lottery winner from Long Island, who won a top prize of      $3 million. Orozco runs her own clothing sales business. She said that in December 31st, she requested her husband to go and get her everyday scratch-off ticket. That day, her game of choice was Frenzy.

After purchasing the tickets on Park Plaza, Glen Head at KG Cards, Gifts & Art Gallery, he gave her a call and shouted, ‘Oh gosh, you are a winner!’

She said that she did not take him seriously and believed he was joking. However, afterwards when she checked the ticket, she became immediately aware that she had become a winner of $3 million dollars.’

Orozco said that the win had made her overemotional and she chose to obtain a lump-sum one-time payment of $2.41 million. After the required withholdings, this gave her a net of $1,594,938, said the lottery.

She plans to use the money to purchase a house, a vehicle and save some of it.

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