Retired Couple From Rutherglen Strikes It Rich After Winning $15M In Lotto

A couple from Rutherglen who retired recently was anxious as they had breakfast because they were expecting a call from an official from Tatts. The reason was that they were skeptical about being $15 million winners on Tuesday for the Oz Lotto draw.

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‘We assumed that we were winners; however, before you called we were unsure,’ the wife informed this official.

‘My hubby retired the other day; you cannot imagine what this signifies for us! For me, this is totally unbelievable!

‘This morning I went through my emails and it indicated that we were winners, but did not disclose how much.’

‘We examined the figures online and believed we were winners; however, we were simply waiting for you to call.’

‘We ate breakfast and did not go anywhere, digesting the information as we waited!’

The elated couple that does not want their identity revealed bought their ticket at Rutherglen News & Lotto and stated that they would travel abroad to celebrate.

‘A huge vacation abroad! We adore traveling abroad but as my husband has made an early retirement, we were not certain that we would manage to go,’ she stated.

‘We are sure now! Rome, London, Paris…we have visited previously but shall return!’

For many years, this couple has played similar digits. According to them, however, they did not have any meaning.

‘Each week, we play similar numbers and selected them randomly some time back; however, we simply continued playing them,’ she revealed.

‘Now they are certainly important.’

Rutherglen News & Lotto owner, Daniel Taborsky, stated the store was exhilarated for having sold their initial prize for division one.

‘It is extremely thrilling! For us, this is the initial division prize we have sold and are rejoicing with streamers and balloons all over in the store!’

‘It is wonderful for the store as well as our tiny country town. It has made us totally overjoyed that a regular and local client has become the winner of this.’

‘We send our compliments and hope their prize brings them joy!’

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