Recent Oz Lotto Winners and the Winning Numbers

The 1215 Oz Lotto draw was carrying a splendid jackpot of $40 million. Most of the people who played this draw were from Cairns, Morayfield, Lutwyche and Cotton Tree. As a draw with many bonuses and a lucrative jackpot, people played it in large numbers with an aim of winning the jackpot or winning the bonuses. The winning numbers for this draw were 1, 35, 31, 19, 4, 13 and 26. The supplementary numbers were 25 and 37. There were also other lucrative amounts won on the upper winning divisions of the results.

Division 1 up to Division 4 Winners

There was only one division 1 winner who matched all the numbers plus the supplementary numbers. This is the person who was awarded the $40 million. Division 2 winners were 7 and each pocketed $61, 000 which is a good amount considering it is only a one dollar investment. Division three had 238 winners, and each was awarded $3,711. These were a lot of winners, so probably the company coughed a lot of money on this division. On Division 4, there were 1233 winners, and each was awarded $368. The pool on division 4 alone totaled to $454, 298.

Division 5 to Division 7 Winners

On Division 5, there were 11466 winners who emerged. Each was given a total of $46.20 and the total pool here amounted to $529, 729.  On Division 6, there were 254175 winners, and each was given an amount of $46.20. This made the pool to add up to 6 million dollars. On Division 7, there were more than 438,000 winners, and each was given $13. The Oz Lotto Results were displayed on the screens of all the local television channels so that people can check and see if they won something from their investments.

The Winners of the Draw

Looking at the numbers above, it is very hard for someone to miss a prize on any Oz lotto draw. There are over a million winners on every draw which means if you play nicely, you could end up becoming a winner on every draw. You don’t have to win the ultimate jackpot for you to be rich, even winning the bonuses of division 2 to 3 is enough to make you buy that luxurious house you have been dreaming for. There is no strategy to use, and the Oz Lotto numbers are normally automatically generated.

How Oz Lotto Winners Claim Their Results

Once the results are out, you should make sure that you scan your ticket at the local retailer to confirm your winnings. Winners are only given their rewards after they claim them at the Oz lotto authorities using their tickets that bear the number combinations they selected. Big amounts are offered using cheques for purposes of marketing, but you can hide your face and name if you don’t want people to know that you are the winner of the windfall amount. It is rare to miss a prize once you play any draw of the Oz Lotto results.



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