Play Strategically and Increase Your Chances of Winning Oz Lotto

When you hear that you have 1 chance out of 45,000,000 to be the ultimate winner of Oz Lotto, it can be a little frustrating. However, since the amount you must pay in order to participate in this game is extremely low, there is no reason to not at least try to win the big prize. People like you have won in the past millions of dollars, often with one single Oz Lotto ticket.

Try beating the odds and get on the list with all the great Oz Lotto winners. All you have to do is play and follow some simple rules that will help you boost your chances.

The Art of Selecting Numbers

Oz Lotto, like all lottery games, bases its winnings on statistics. What several mathematicians have managed to comprehend is that all numbers, no matter how many times have been in the Oz Lotto results, have the same chances of being selected again. Therefore, how you can choose the best numbers? If you really want to win, there are some great guides online that will help you better understand the art of statistics and will definitely increase your chances of winning.

Oz Lotto Tips


One great way to increase your chances of being among Oz Lotto winners is to form a syndicate. Form an alliance with your friends or coworkers and play as a team. This is the best way to increase your chances of winning since if you or another member of your team wins, you get to split the prize. Many syndicates have been able to win huge prizes in the past. Why not pool your resources together and form one?

Become a Regular Player

You don’t have to spend much to play the Oz Lotto. However, you need to be persistent if you are going to win. Play every week in order to increase your chances of winning. It’s all about persistence. You can play only one Oz Lotto ticket, as long as you take part in every lottery. You can play or even check Oz Lotto results online, without having to spend additional time in the cashier. Just log in and watch the next Oz Lotto results or find the next set of numbers to play.

Protect Your Winning Ticket

There are many stories of people who accidentally lost their ticket, or someone has even stolen it. Protect your ticket; it might be the winning one! Play Oz Lotto online and avoid such incidents. With your online account, you are making sure you cannot lose your ticket as well as you can receive automatically the Oz Lotto results directly into your phone.

You Won! Now What?

Let’s assume you are among the next Oz Lotto winners! What are your next steps? One thing is for sure. You don’t have to let everyone know. Keep a low profile and share this amazing news only with your family and friends. Protect you and your beloved ones from anyone who might consider hurting you. Enjoy your win with the people you love and share this happiness all around you.

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