Oz Lotto Unique Winning Story

The recent Oz Lotto jackpot has been claimed. A woman from Bunbury, Bussleton in the South West region of Western Australia matched all her numbers to win the $15 million jackpot last Tuesday, not bad for a weekday!

But wait, the story gets even better: Not only did the lucky player match the overall jackpot resulting in $15 million windfall but also claimed the second and third division prizes as she was the only ticket that matched these. This added bit of luck pushed up her total win another $200,000…nice little bonus!

Oz Lotto Winning Cash

The Oz Lotto winner in question has chosen to remain anonymous but was willing to offer a statement and answer a few questions as long as she remained anonymous. We asked her what was the first thing she was going to do with her newfound wealth. “Get out of my shoebox of a rental and buy my first home” was her immediate reaction, “I would also like to travel, business class maybe”. Business class maybe? We say business class for sure! After a jackpot win like that you can afford to fly business for the rest of your life, and especially if you’re flying to or from Australia…that’s a long time to be sat in economy counting your millions!

We also asked the woman about her long-term plans with all this money, to which she revealed that she only bought the ticket in the first place because she was having a “crappy day at work”.

No need for anymore crappy days at work….no need for any more days at work at all. She confirmed that she would be taking a break from work indefinitely, “I’m set up for life” the jackpot winner exclaimed.

The Oz Lotto is drawn once a week, every Tuesday with a minimum jackpot of $2,000,000. With some of the best lottery odds in the world and tax free winnings it is easy to see why this is such a popular lottery for Australians and online lottery players from around the world.

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