Oz Lotto – Tips and Tricks and Things to Consider

There are quite a lot of different ways with which one is given the chance to become a millionaire overnight. However, the Oz Lotto is undoubtedly amongst the ones which are the most interesting. Winning the lottery is certainly not an easy thing to do. You can look around the internet for quite some time, and you still won’t be able to actually find a tactic which is going to work everytime.

Well, this is mainly due to the fact that strategies of this kind rarely exist. There is no one-off winning mechanism which will get you to win the lottery – that’s just it. It is a game of luck and nothing more. Some people have played with the same numbers for their entire life only to hit small amounts of money while others have played every now and then to become millionaires.

Oz lotto tips

Tips and Tricks

However, the fact that there are no strategies doesn’t really mean that there are no tips and tricks that you might be able to take into proper account. The truth is that playing with the same numbers won’t actually increase your chances of winning the grand prize, especially in Oz Lotto. The truth is that the only way that you can actually enhance your chances of winning a prize is by buying more tickets – that’s just it.

Now, it is also worth noting that the numbers that you pick are not going to enhance your winning chances, but there is something that you need to consider. If you and another person hit the jackpot with the same numbers, this is going to lead to a split of the main prize. That’s how the Oz Lotto works.

Oz Lotto Tip That Works

This means that there are numbers which players do not prefer to use. In general, the numbers below 31 are much more likely to be picked than the numbers above it. That’s just it. This is a lot due to the fact that different people tend to use certain important dates in their life as the numbers that they play with.

Logically, there are no dates over 31, and that’s why you might reduce the chance of splitting if you use this strategy. Keep in mind that there is absolutely no difference whether you will chosoe to play 5 consecutive numbers after 31 or random ones before that – the odds of you winning are absolutely identical.

These are things that you need to take into consideration. The truth is that a lot of people are looking for different ways to rig the Oz Lotto and come up with a strategy which is going to help them out in order to win big. However, there is no way, and there is never going to be one. Unless you purchase more tickets, the odds of you winning the lottery are absolutely the same. This is the main reason for which you shouldn’t be bothered with looking for different alternatives.

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