Oz Lotto System

Oz Lotto System

The Oz Lotto System:

The Oz Lotto System has been created to provide you with a way of generating numbers without relying on ‘Lucky Dip’ selections.

The Oz Lotto System will select seven main numbers, between 1 and 45, each time the ‘Generate’ button is clicked.

If you want us to make more lines of oz lotto just select the number of lines below and click go.

Generate another set(s) of random numbers

How the Oz Lotto System works:

Our Oz Lotto System checks Oz Lotto previous results and select the numbers that matched the most in a unique timeframe between draws, in that way we can improve your chances to win statistically, if you don’t happy with the results just press ‘generate’ button once more to get new numbers.

Oz Lotto System
Oz Lotto System

Once you are happy with the numbers generated, simply click on the ‘Play’ Button to play your numbers.


How Winning an Australian Lottery With The Oz Lotto System Can Change Your Life

Australian lottery organizers distribute some of the largest jackpot prizes anywhere in the world. In 2012, one of the famous lotteries in Australia distributed nearly $112 million in bumper prize money. The reason for this high amount of jackpot prize is that people in the country love playing the lottery, and as the number of participants increases in the game, so does the jackpot amount. Australian lottery tickets can be purchased from a local store and through an online website.

Two of the most famous lotteries in Australia include Tatt’s Lotto and Oz Lotto. These lotteries are not only the most popular but also offer the highest odds of winning any prize in the game. If you are not the citizen of Australia and want to play any of their lottery games, then you can do so by registering with a local lottery messenger.

What is a lottery messenger?

Lottery messenger is an organization that helps players from all over the world to get access to lottery games that are out of their jurisdiction. If you are living in South Africa for instance, and want to take part in Saturday or Gold Lotto in Australia, you can do so by registering on an Australian lottery messenger’s website.

The messenger will buy a ticket on your behalf, and instantaneously send you a certified copy with your lucky number printed on it. When the results are announced and your messenger finds that your ticket has won the prize than the money is transferred online to your bank account. Lottery messengers can either charge you a fixed amount for their service or they can take a certain portion out of your winnings as a commission.

Before choosing their lottery messenger, participants are advised to do a bit of research on their end as well. They should check if the messenger they are about to register with has a good reputation with their existing clients or not. Do they have required a license to operate in the country where the game is being played or not? And how long do they usually take to wire the money to the winning player?

Lottery winners in Australia

People who win a lottery in Australia are able to turn around their lives forever. However, there are some unfortunate individuals who spend their jackpot too much too soon, and end up in more debt then they were before. Some of the lottery winning stories from all over the country are mentioned below:

Candy Many from Sydney

Jake was a regular commuter on the roads of Australia before he won a jackpot prize in one of the most famous lotteries in the country. For Jake, a regular stop at a candy store was part of his daily routine. He used to buy his favorite candies from the store before heading back home. One fine day Jake decided to try his luck by purchasing a lottery ticket as well. Little did he know that quite soon, this ticket would make him a millionaire.

While having a good time with his friends after the results had been announced, one of his mates mentioned that the same candy store had sold the winning ticket, but unfortunately no one had claimed the prize yet. The thought that he could be that lucky winner was too good to be true for Jake and he did not take it seriously. Another week passed by before someone else mentioned that the winning ticket still remained unclaimed.

Finally, Jake went online to check his lucky number with the winning draw and he was amazed to see that he had actually won $20 million jackpot! It took some time for him to realize how lucky he was. Jake has decided to keep a normal life even after becoming a millionaire and plans to buy two regular cars for his two sons.

The winner who claimed their prize after 6 months

Some lottery winners do not realize how lucky they are for months! This was the case with a young lad from Australia who remained unaware that he had won a $55 million jackpot prize in a Power Ball lottery. Power ball lotteries are the hardest to match. To win this lottery, participants have to match six numbers with the lucky draw, along with another bonus number which is separate from the first series.

During the months when this power ball lottery remained unclaimed, many participants claimed that they were the actual winners. Some said that their dog had eaten the winning ticket while others suggested that they left the winning number in their old car.

Laboratory Syndicate

A group of 12 people who were working at a local laboratory in Sydney decided to form a ‘cartel’ to increase their chances of winning the lottery. Forming a syndicate or cartel helps you buy group tickets to a lottery game. A group of 12 people can increase their chances of winning the jackpot by many folds.

The laboratory syndicate won one of the biggest jackpot prizes in the country which has helped them in paying off their debts and changed their lifestyle. Although they became overnight millionaires, the syndicate members decided to stay on the job and lead a regular life.

What lottery winners do with their winnings?

Jackpot prize winners feel that their money can buy everything for them. That is true to a certain extent, however, there are certain things that money cannot buy including loyal friends and a healthy life. Therefore, it is important that winners spending their earnings in a very responsible manner.

Some of the things most lottery winners do with their prize money include buying a new home to maintain their privacy, take a break from work, travel to their ideal destination and pay-off their debts. Winning a lottery is a great opportunity for you to help others who are in financial need. Lottery winners also find a charity which they believe in and help that organization in achieving their long-term and short-term goals.

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