Online player wins Oz Lotto twice in less than two years

An online Oz Lotto player is smiling ear-to-ear after winning for the second time in two years. The lucky winner asked to rename anonymous when we spoke to her for this article. We asked her how long she had been playing the Oz Lotto, why & if she had any tips to fellow online Oz Lotto players from around the world.

“I started playing Oz Lotto in January 2015 when I heard that is not only has tax-free winnings but also some of the best lottery odds in the world!” After winning just over $6,000 in November 2015 by matching 6 Oz Lotto numbers she couldn’t believe her luck that just over a year later, in February 2017 she would go one better by matching 6 numbers plus one bonus ball to win $38,039.65.

“I couldn’t believe that I had done it again! I called my Mum straight away & woke her up screaming I’ve won the again! She was in more shock than me!”

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The lucky Oz Lotto winner did give us a tip when we asked her if she had any strategies or tips she would like to pass on to fellow players. “Play the numbers that mean something to you, but don’t just stick to days of the month, there are 45 possible numbers and only 31 days in a month, you’re missing out on half the options without even beginning.”

Despite not using any of the typical tips and tricks such as the wheeling method or hot numbers it looks like our lucky Oz Lotto player has a method all of her own that’s working just fine! “I’m going to keep playing the same numbers, it doesn’t matter that they have come up twice recently, I’m playing for the jackpot.”

The winner asked to remain anonymous but did tell us what she planned on doing with her new lotto winnings “I always wanted to travel, when I finish this semester at university I will use my Oz-Lotto winnings to go on a 3-month trip around the world starting in Brazil.”

The lucky online Oz Lotto player told us that when (his words, not ours) he wins again we will be the first to know. We look forward to publishing that story about a 3 time winner, really would be one of the luckiest people in the world.

The Oz Lotto draw takes place on a Tuesday and has minimum jackpot guarantee of $5 million. Oz Lotto is by far Australia’s most popular lottery and one of the most popular online lotteries globally. With tax free winnings, big jackpots and great odd, it is easy to see why the is such a popular lottery around the world.

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