Mysterious Oz Lotto Jackpot Winner

The Search Has Begun for The Missing Oz Lotto Millionaire.

Did you purchase an Oz lotto ticket from Leanyer News agency, Hibiscus Shopping town, Leanyer?

If so, check your Oz lotto ticket immediately as one lucky punter has a $3.3 million check to cash! The winning ticket was sold in the week leading up to the April 18th Oz Lotto draw. The total jackpot prize of $10,000,000 was split between three lucky players – two of them came forward straight away & now the search is on for Australia’s newest instant millionaire.

We spoke to Louise Rieck, a worker in the convenience store that sold the winning Oz Lotto ticket. She was overwhelmed that her store sold the jackpot ticket. “We sold a big division two winning entry a few years ago but this is the biggest prize of recent years! It’s awesome!” Usually, the store that sells the jackpot winning ticket will receive a bonus from the lottery organizers, so you can bet that Sally is searching just as hard as anyone else in Leanyer to find the mysterious winner!

Flight after win oz lotto

“We can’t wait for them to check their ticket and find out the big news for themselves, we’re more than ready to celebrate with them!” Sally told us that she thinks the Oz Lotto winner will be found in the coming days. Leanyer is small town with less than 10,000 population – its small enough to go door to door to find the missing Oz Lotto millions. The fact that no one has come forward in the first 48 hours always instill some mystery into who has won. “What could they possibly be doing that is more important than collecting $3.3 million from the Oz Lotto!?” – we will hopefully find out soon.

The information back from NSW Lotteries also didn’t leave us with any answers. “Our missing millionaire could be anything – a local, a tourist or even an online Oz lotto player” said NSW spokesman Matt Hart, who seemed relaxed about the situation “with more than $3 million to be claimed, it could pay for you to have a clean-up around the house and check your Oz Lotto tickets!”

With everyone on the search we hope it is not too long until the mysterious Oz Lotto jackpot winner comes forward and claims their millions. In the history of Oz Lotto there have been unclaimed winners before, only last year there was an unclaimed Oz Lotto jackpot of $40,000,000!

The jackpot winning Oz Lotto numbers from April 18th were 33, 44, 13, 29, 39, 42, 27 with the bonus balls that are used for lower tier prizes being 15 & 31. The Oz Lotto lottery is drawn once a week every Tuesday. Oz Lotto is the most popular lottery draw in Australia and holds the record for biggest jackpot while also having the largest minimum jackpot out of all the national Australian lotteries.

Someone in Leanyer is right now is waiting for the biggest news in their life…an instant Oz Lotto millionaire without even knowing!

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