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Single Mum of four experiencing challenges becomes Powerball winner of $188 million

Marie Holmes, a single mother won an approximated $188 million jackpot share. Holmes, who comes from North Carolina in Shallotte, is 26 years of age and has four children. One of them suffers from cerebral palsy, according to Fox 8.

Recently, she was forced to give up her jobs at Wal-Mart and McDonalds to give them attention.

‘All I do is for them,’ she stated. ‘All the hardship I have ever experienced was for them.’

‘My wish is for them to comprehend that money should not make you different, but it can make things different for you. Therefore, they need not be concerned about debt anymore and they can now attend college, which I will cater for.

Monday Lotto

Holmes was among the three winners of Powerball to share the overall jackpot of $564,000,000. Holmes informed outlets that she would utilize the cash first to contribute to her church, purchase a home and invest college money for her kids. She stated she was prepared to adapt to the changes in her life and appreciated the change in her fortune.

According to her, reality had not really set in and she believed when she got the money in her account, this is when she would believe it. She however said that she was thankful that she would be able to offer her children what she herself did not have.

Holmes bought her winning ticket at a convenience store at a gas station. When announcement was made regarding Wednesday’s drawing numbers, she told WECT that she believed she would suffer a heart attack.

NBC stated that Holmes’ fortune would be valued at $188 million, spread over 30 years or a lump sum of $127 million.

$1 Million Friday Surprise for Monday Lotto Winner!

A man from Central Coast has more cause for celebration at the end of the week after realizing he has become a millionaire after he entered the current week’s Monday Lotto draw and became a winner of first division prize valued at $1 million!

For one week, this registered winner was totally unaware that he was a millionaire until he examined his ticket this morning as his contact information were not updated and NSW Lotteries was not able to get in touch with him and give this wonderful news to him.

The amazed millionaire shouted, ‘I would not have taken your word if I had not personally seen it!’

‘At the moment I am trembling, it’s so unbelievable. I need to note down that amount. I simply cannot take it all in.’

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‘I would never have pictured that I can be described as a millionaire at any one time. To be honest, it would have made me glad to win $100.

‘I am not certain how I will spend the $1 million as I have not fully digested this. But I am sure that I will give my family a share of my prize money.’

This gives members of Players Club a timely reminder to make sure they update their contact telephone number and address details in order to avoid missing the life-changing phone call from NSW Lotteries.

The division one winning system Quick pick entry for System 8 was bought in Killarney Vale, 112 Wyong Road in Killarney Vale Newsagency.

All through Australia, two entries were present, which won first division in Monday Lotto draw this week, which provides a division one prize for a guaranteed $1 million for even four winners in each draw. South Australia presented the other entry that was a winner.

Freshwater employee wins Monday Lotto of $1 million

A Fresh water employee aged 20s says he got ‘beginner’s luck’ when he won a fortune of $1 million from Monday Lotto of previous night, stating he just began playing Lotto regularly only a month back!’

He was one of the two winning entries for division one all through Australia in TattsLotto draw 3642 for Monday and Wednesday on 14 March 2017, Monday.

The thrilled man, who was not aware he was a winner until he examined his ticket instore, informed an official from NSW Lotteries that he was totally bowled over!’

‘Oh gosh! My arms are trembling!’

He laughingly said that having the ticket in your hands is like being in contact with gold.

‘Friend, I really appreciate. I was not aware at all until I checked. This is just awesome.’

‘Its only been a month since I began playing Lotto.’

The news has not yet fully sunk, but the overwhelmed winner stated he would utilize the windfall to purchase his first apartment.

‘This is just crazy, so thrilling. It will settle me for life,’ he stated.

‘At the moment I am gazing at the door and I see a campervan; perhaps it’s a campervan and unit!’ he laughingly said.

The winner, who does not want to reveal his identity, bought his 24-game QuickPick entry winning entry from Freshwater, 19 Lawrence Street at Freshwater Newsagency.

The owner of Freshwater Newsagency, Karen Dimento remarked that the store had begun celebrating when the winner examined his ticket.


‘All morning, we had been waiting in the hope that the winner would step forward. It is very exciting. According to him, he had just begun playing. He is totally lucky,’ she said.

‘For some time, we have not experienced a win but are now one of Northern Beaches lucky shop!’

All over Australia, there were a couple of winning entries for division one in Lotto draw 3642 for Monday & Wednesday which provides a division one $1 million prize for even four winners in each draw.

Together with Freshwater winning entry, the other winning entry for division one was bought in Tasmania.

In the Lotto draw 3642 for Monday & Wednesday, on 13 March 2017 were 19,13,6,33,38 and 14. 31 and 20 were the supplementary numbers.

The winning tally for Lott’s division one has currently gone to 283, the present financial year. This includes 81which NSW Lotteries customers won.



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