Monday Lotto Millionaire

There is another WA millionaire! This happened after the sale of one ticket in the State which presents the sole winner in Monday Lotto draw tonight.

The winner obtains $ 1 million and the 4 winners for WA Division two get $12,626 each, since this night’s draw offers two prizes in Divisions 2-6. The same plan is applicable for Wednesday Lotto also.

The winning figures were drawn in the order of 35, 3, 24, 29, 31 and 39. The supplementaries are 19 and 30. The win tonight comes after Saturday’s Mega Draw when two fortunate WA punters became winners of $1.3 million and more each.

They were part of 15 winners from Australia to each pick $1,333,333.34 in Division 1. Draw #3713 had these winner numbers: 28, 37, 21, 30, 25 and 33. 36 and 3 were the supplementary numbers.

At the beginning of this month, the Oz Lotto winner of WA’s $15 million was disclosed to be a woman from Lathlain who was jobless. She is now dreaming of buying a handbag worth $60!

The lady was among a couple of Division 1 national winners of the $30 million jackpot draw.

She informed Lotterywest that she became unemployed last year and used up her savings. She was reluctant to check her credit card bill.

However, these concerns are history now.

The woman stated, ‘These 12 months have been difficult.’

‘Getting a job in the current economy has proved hard. But, I shall persist in searching. I am even due for an interview in two days.’

‘I have been admiring a $60 handbag for a long time now.’

‘This is going to be a wonderful treat!”


Elated Winners of Wednesday Lotto!

  • Mark Weir became winner of £2.7M and transformed his shed into a pub. In 2002 Julie Jeffery became winner of £1m and ran out fast to purchase a cheese grater. In 2007, Mick Eggleston became winner of £2.7 M and spoilt himself with a Robin Reliant after becoming a winner. It was obviously Champagne gold in color!


  • Iris Jeffery, a resident of Belfast turned into the hugest Lotto winner ever on Wednesday, 7 July 2004. She banked an amazing £20.1M and made a promise to ‘ensure my family and friends’ security for life.’ Iris took nearly one month to claim her prize. According to her, she overlooked to examine her ticket.


  • Sandra and Martyn White from Luton were heading to the airport. On checking their emails, they discovered a win of £107M. They wanted to avoid upsetting the couple they were going on vacation with. So, they spent one week in luxury in Italy, prior to coming back to claim their magnificent cheque!


  • Jane Surtees, a mother of five from Whitby vowed to have fun after becoming winner of £7.5M. She says her Wednesday win was the most ideal Christmas present, since it came only two weeks before Santa. It allowed her to have the wedding she has always dreamt of, with a simple ceremony for 100 visitors, prior to a big reception that ran all day, in their new huge garden, inclusive of fun fair.


  • Joseph Whiting, a cleaner at Camden Street celebrated his win of £4.5M in 2014 by discarding his broom forever! He just purchased his winning ticket for fun nine minutes prior to the closing of the draw.
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