Australia Monday & Wednesday Lotto Results

Australia Monday & Wednesday Lotto Results

Monday Lotto

Monday Lotto Results

Here you can see the latest Monday Lotto results and prize divisions in one convenient place. With the Australian lotto’s having almost one draw every single day, it pays to stay on top of the results and make sure you haven’t missed out on your millions. The Monday Lotto results will appear on this page shortly after the live drawing has occurred in Australia.

Monday Lotto History

The history of the Monday Lotto is long and convoluted but always exciting. Initially branded as ‘The Big One’ before it took the name of the day that the draw takes place, the Monday Lotto had its first drawing in 1979. Under its original name, the lottery was an instant success domestically and stayed as one of the only lotteries down under until recently. Monday Lotto, to this day, goes by some additional names depending where in the country you are located. For example, The Monday Lotto is known in the southern regions of Australia as X-Lotto – a name that hasn’t gained traction further north but has remained with this name in south.

The structure of the Monday Lotto was initially different to the current structure we see today. In 2004 there was a unifying of the domestic lottery draws to be structured in the same manner. Since this update, the key features and structure of the Monday Lotto are identical to the Tattslotto Saturday Lotto and the blood sibling of the Monday Lotto, The Wednesday Lotto. The game follows the familiar 6/45 + 2/45 model that is now ubiquitous for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday versions of this draw. The odds and structure of these three draws are identical, only the jackpot amounts and draw days differ.

Monday Lotto Online

As with all Australian lottery games, the Monday Lotto can be played from anywhere in Australia and anywhere in the world. The online lottery revolution has opened up new potentials for the Monday Lotto that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. Today you can play the Monday Lotto from wherever you are, all you need is internet connection and an account with an online lottery ticket provider. Whomever you decided to play The Monday Lotto with, here is the place to check your Monday Lotto results and see if you have won a jackpot.

Monday Lotto Results & Jackpots

We pride ourselves on getting the information you want to you as soon as possible. When it comes to the Monday Lotto results we upload the updated results shortly after the live draw has happened in Australia. As we are based in Europe, the Monday Lotto results come out on a Monday lunchtime. Shortly after the results appear, the prize breakdown will be uploaded to accompany the results and give you a full picture of whether you have matched any numbers, and, if so, how much those numbers are worth.

Monday Lotto Jackpots – Minimum & Record

The minimum jackpot in the Monday Lotto is $1 million AUD. This lottery has very attractive odds and this means that it is rare for multiple rollovers in the Monday Lotto. The record jackpot in this draw is $6 million AUD. This equates to the fact that the Monday Lotto has never rolled over more than 5 times. The odds of winning the jackpot in the Monday Lotto are around 1 in 8 million – in comparison, the odds of winning the jackpot in the US Powerball are 1 in 292 million. Nothing explains better how much easier it is to jackpot the Monday Lotto than the fact laid out before. This goes a long way to explaining why the Monday Lotto struggles to rollover multiple times – the odds are too low! In addition to this, after even two rollovers, the popularity of the Monday Lotto increases, more players play and with this there is an even greater chance of a winner being found. The Monday Lotto is a lottery game for people who want to win, little and often in comparison to the lotto giants out there but who’s going to say no to winning $1,000,000 AUD…not us!

Play the Monday Lotto

Now you know where you can find your Monday Lotto results, and you know the basics of how the game works, you are ready to play! The Monday Lotto does have further prize divisions beyond the top tier jackpot prize that can be significant. The bonus balls count only for lower down prize divisions. When checking your Monday Lotto results be sure to remember that the bonus ball is not needed for the jackpot prize, you simply have to match all 6 regular numbers and you will be a Monday Lotto jackpot winner!

Wednesday Lotto

Wednesday Results

The results for the Wednesday Lotto and Monday Lotto appear on this page. Both draws are essentially the same lottery with drawings on different days. In all intents and purposes the lotteries are one singular lottery; a rollover on the Monday Lotto will be added to the jackpot amount of the upcoming Wednesday Lotto and vice versa.

Wednesday Lotto History

As with its jackpots, The Wednesday Lotto shares its history with the Monday version of the same game. Originally drawn in 1979 under a different brand name, the Wednesday Lotto has found its own place amongst the Australian lotteries and continues to be a popular draw for players throughout Australia and beyond.

Wednesday Lotto Online

You can play the Wednesday Lotto online from wherever in the world you may be. Be aware that the Wednesday Lotto is drawn in the evening in Australia, meaning that the Wednesday Lotto results are published in the afternoon for European players and in the morning for players across the Atlantic.

Wednesday Lotto Results & Jackpots

The minimum and record jackpot for the Wednesday Lotto is identical to those of the Monday Lotto – they are the same lottery. The minimum Wednesday Lotto jackpot is $1 million AUD and the Wednesday Lotto record jackpot stands at $6 million AUD.

Wednesday Lotto – Synopsis

A standard 6/45 + 2/45 lottery draw game that is drawn on Wednesday, every Wednesday. The jackpot amounts correspond to the Monday version of this game and are affected by the outcome of the previous draw. As with all Australian lotteries, the Wednesday Lotto is a tax-free lotto draw, however much that you have won in the prize division is the amount that will appear in your bank account (assuming that you don’t have to share the prize with others). The Wednesday Lotto is a fun and easy to play lottery with great odds and lots of winners. Check your Wednesday Lotto results and see if you have matched all 6 numbers to become a Wednesday Lotto winner.

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