A Man Makes a Mistake Marking Numbers and Wins

Many people play the lottery, there are winners, and there are those that do not win. The fact is you can be one of the people in the list of the Oz Lotto winners as long as you keep participating. There are no specific numbers that you should mark since they are selected randomly during a draw. Winners talk of odd stories that led them to become multimillionaires.

The Mistake That Led to the Win

A tradesman in Sydney marked off numbers which he said was a mistake that led to the win. He did not use any strategy in marking his numbers of choice. He chose four numbers in one line and the other four in the line beneath that. He was in Rosebay at the Rose Bay South News Agency where he bought his ticket and went home to wait for the Oz Lotto results. Unfortunately, he did not check his ticket when the draw was conducted on May 17. Fortunately, the prize was still his.

The Best Mistake Ever

Marking out the wrong numbers and winning 10 million dollars was the best mistake ever.  His case still stands out since he did not claim his prize as soon as he won it. He instead claimed it 8 weeks after the Oz Lotto results that identified him as the winner were announced. Talking about the win, he said that he only checked his ticket when he got less busy only to realize he had won.

Oz Lotto

First Time Winner

According to our lucky jackpot winner, he had been playing Oz Lotto for over 20 years to a point that hitting the jackpot shocked him. It made him pace up and down in his room, shake and stop thinking. “I thought I was going crazy! It took a little while for everything to settle down.”

How He Wished to Spend the Money

Although he was excited about becoming a multimillionaire, he said that this would not make him stop working. He would continue working but would ensure that he spent more time with his family. He also hoped to invest in a better home where they would have own compound and garden. A new and better car was also in the list of the things to do.

A Dream Come True

Everyone who plays lotto has hopes of winning. Having been playing for 2 decades and expecting the Oz Lotto results to favor him, this was a dream come true for him. He bought tickets without giving up, and he is a good example of other gamblers. He said that this was a leeway to live his dream and do everything that he has always wanted.

The many stories of Oz Lotto winners prove that anyone can be a winner and the only way to do is to buy tickets and not give up. It’s a win that can turn around your financial status in a moment. The benefit of playing Oz Lotto is that you can do it online and you do not need a lot of money to participate.  Anyone could make such a “mistake” and end up becoming a multimillionaire.


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