Lottoland Presents Part of Profits to Newsagents in Australia

Lottoland Australia has provided a contract for distributing profit to the state’s 4,000 lottery and newsagents. It will enable newsagents to get a share on each bet on international lotteries that they recommend to the firm.

It is formulated to ‘facilitate more options for clients and extra income for newsagents’ via the 20% offer. It claims that its value each month might be ‘thousands of dollars.’

The company, which is based in Gibraltar, is likely to be prohibited under the latest legislation that restricts Australians from betting on the effect on global lotteries.  Luke Brill, Lottoland’s Chief Executive wrote a public letter to newsagents saying that newsagents have a chance to gain financial profit, with a limitation establishing ‘Tatts’ monotony via Tabcorp, its parent company.’

Mr. Brill’s letter said: ‘I am writing for Lottoland Australia to inform you about the latest declaration by the Federal Government about online lottery betting and to give you a proposal we think will benefit your business.

‘As you know, the previous week an announcement by the Government stated that it planned to prohibit online betting totally on keno and lotteries. It is believed that this step was to safeguard newsagents.

‘The truth is that the suggested legislation could trigger more complications for newsagents while decreasing options for a huge number of clients.

In essence, Lottoland Australia does not provide betting services on lotteries in Australia. We do not trade in products sold by newsagents. We are not in direct competition with you and we do not intend to do this in future.

‘The fact is that no person has produced reliable proof that really verifies that Lottoland Australia has stolen sales from newsagents. Our aim is to work in collaboration with newsagents to offer our clients a wider selection. Somehow it is going to be fair and beneficial for your business.

‘The previous year, in talks with the associations that act for newsagents, we presented a proposal to split our secondary lottery betting with newsagents.

‘That proposal is not just valid, but I am ready to enhance it: We shall provide a 20% commission to newsagents on the profits from each bet they recommend to Lottoland.

‘I appreciate the hardships your business experiences, partly because of technology. An interruption like this is currently the trend worldwide, as indicated by the inception of Uber, Amazon, and AirBnB.

‘If Tatts goes on fostering the digital sale of its products like OZLoto and Powerball it will be another economic hazard to you. Tatts numbers indicate that their digital sales rose by an entire 30% in the first six months to 31 December; cash Tatts has sidetracked from newsagents as well as other small businesses.

‘If the legislation suggested by Canberra will make Tatts’ monopoly stronger, this is unfortunate news for customers or newsagents.

‘Our objective is to offer our clients more choices instead of less. We aim to offer a fair playing field that motivates instead of limiting innovation and competition.

‘It is the reason we wish to work with you as a real business associate.

‘The time for dialogue is now.’

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