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The most common lottery pools in Australia that provide the biggest jackpots is Oz Lotto. Every single Tuesday evening draws held using nine balls; the key numbers are the first seven, then the preceding two regarded as the additional numbers.

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The top prizes start from AUD 2 million and are rolled over to the next draw in case no one wins. Usually, the lottery players are required to match the main numbers completely to succeed. There are six complementary rewards in addition to the jackpot; this hails from matching at least any three main similar numbers together with an extra category. In 2018, a total of 33 draws achieved and many jackpot winners were recorded.

Victorian and Lithgownian families share the $70 million OZ Jackpot

On the 6 August 2018, two individuals won and shared the $70 million. The Powerball drawn was 1277 with the leading and extra numbers as 14, 15, 21, 24, 26, 31, 40, and 3, 33. The jackpot remains the largest documented in five years.

One of the oz lotto winners an NSW man stepped forward to receive his portion of $35 million. The gentleman from Lithgow had mixed feelings and claimed to be driven away the minute he realized the win.

When called by Mr. Matt Hart, the Tatts Group spokesman, he would openly tell the winner had not discovered. The 50-year-old man answered back: “Oh fair dinkum? You’re kidding! That is the best news I’ve had in a long time. Hallelujah. I’ll be helping the kids out, and I’m sure my retirement plans will be fast-tracked.”

The other new multi-millionaire who was unidentified ticket holder is a Victorian family; claimed an enormous cash prize.

From upgrading the washing machine to buying a new rainwater tank, the family from northeast Victoria is happily planning how they will use their $35 million Oz Lotto division one windfall after discovering the life-changing win this morning.

Due to the incomplete contact information on the site,, the officials could not pass on the news to the winning ticket holder last night.

Though the woman, together with her family, appeared when she heard the officials tried to contact some Victorian division one winner who purchased online.

“Oh my god,” the woman shouted. “There’s six of us in the syndicate, and everyone will be excited to know it’s all official. It ends up benefiting six families.”

The families could not help but plan on the future expenditure. One family member thought of purchasing a washing machine, and another a water tank. The holiday arrangement to Europe was not left behind.

Oz Lotto Winner

Another record-breaking news; the $100m Powerball jackpot grabbed

Another win by two players from Melbourne and Sydney who shared the $100 Powerball drawing. On Thursday 16th August, the men chose 3, 13, 27, 31, 32, 33 and 35, and the Powerball 3. Out of the Australian lottery record, for division one pool, each took home $50 million portions.

The young Melbourne chap in his 20s confirmed before getting to bed the multi-million win. “I’m trying to remain as calm as possible; I only bought this entry last night on the Oz Lotteries app before the draw closed, I’m going to do the right thing. This win is life-changing, I’m going to look after my whole family – invest money in property and shares. It will make a massive difference to a lot of people,” he confessed.

“I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a post that Powerball was $22 million that night. I thought that would be pretty sweet, so I bought a ticket through the Lotto NZ App and didn’t think any more of it,” said the man.

In the Canterbury-Bankstown area, southwest Sydney, a winner purchased the other ticket. However, the unrevealed holder has not discovered since the Players Club card did not record entry. The winner must be walking around with the new multimillion-dollar status and players encouraged to claim the cash.

Many anxious customers hurriedly checked the luck of the tickets from the online platform, but it went down. “The good news is that oz lotto winners in New South Wales have up to six years to claim their lottery prize,” Mr. Hart said.

In 2012, two individuals also shared the first division prize of $100 Powerball jackpot Oz Lotto draw.

Six July winners revealed; A retired Cannington couple listed

Across Australia, there were six division one winning entries in Saturday TattsLotto draw. After three weeks of the announced results, an aged Perth couple found a winning Lotto ticket from a drawer; this picked a portion of the division one prize in the July 14 draw jackpot.

The Cannington duo became more productive with the $672,883 prize after getting communications from Lotterywest, and the woman claimed she overlooked the ticket earlier and got cheered to search for it.

“I changed handbags and put the ticket inside an envelope, in a drawer,” she alleged. “I just forgot I’d put it there and it wasn’t until I was finally contacted by Lotterywest, as I’m a member, that I went looking for the ticket.”

Up to this time, the whole division one cash rewards presented to 31 WA players. The family, from Canning Vale, claimed $672,883 after being among the six oz lotto winners to share the jackpot from Saturday’s draw.

The husband said only two weeks ago he had a strong feeling about some lucky numbers, but his wife was skeptical.

Luckily, in this case, he followed his instincts and managed to match six numbers to win a share of the division one prize.

A Watsonian man among the six Oz lotto winners takes home $671,513.12

When the news broke to the Watsonian man. He claimed to work less but relax more after the division one’s TattsLotto draw on Saturday 11 August 2018. The man confirmed watching the show and got excited seeing the match.

“I know I’ve won because I watched the draw! I checked my ticket myself!” he said “I usually purchase a System entry, but I thought I’d throw in another 12-game QuickPick.

This win filled his mind with a thought of immediately retiring, but he shortly transformed.

“I was thinking about retiring, but I thought I’d just cut back instead,” he stated. “I’d picked up a few extra hours, and I just thought to myself –I don’t need to do those anymore’.

The consistent player bought his 12-game ticket from 99 Spencer Street Lotto, Southern Street Station, 150 Spencer Street, Melbourne.

The man held one of the six division one winning entries nationally in TattsLotto draw 3867 on 11 August 2018. Each entry took home a division one prize of $671,513.12.

The winning and supplementary numbers during the TattsLotto draw 3867 on were 1, 23, 8, 15, 44, 20 and 11, 18.

7 Oz lotto winners of $20 million Jackpot; A Perth’s South and a Northam family claims their prize

The Saturday nights $20 Million jackpot, made each of the seven Oz lotto winners $2,857,142.86 each richer. This close to $3 million Lotto winnings got claimed by a struggling family from Perth’s south, and a regional WA animal lover this week. The public employee from Northam looked composed as he thought of using the massive amount from the earlier draw this month.

He had cleared the outstanding amounts and had no thought of country daily life, however, with the prize they looked to purchase a new car.

“It just changes the balance between what I need and what I want,” they said, “I recently thought about buying a car and was going to get a second hand one, but now I can skip that hassle and get a new one. Maybe get a caravan too!”

“I’ll also look into doing some renovations to my small property, including extending my workshop, as well as donating to charities that I already support.”

“I’ve got a horse, chooks, and a dog. The dog might get a new collar, but they don’t seem to care about the prize too much, they want feeds.”
In as much as they misplaced the entry, they managed to claim the prize. The person’s numbers Lotterywest confirmed the names to be like the recorded ones.

The lucky visit to Adelaide makes an Oz Lotto ticket holder win division one prize

A shopper in Adelaide, the Limestone Coast region, walked with his $15 million ticket win unaware until when the information arrived. The Oz Lotto player purchased the entry from Kurralta Plaza News agency and not the regular shop.

“I am sure my regular store is going to be upset because I did not buy the ticket there,” he remarked, “We visited Adelaide over the weekend, and I bought a ticket from the shops.”

The life-changing news, however, reached the winner from the SA Lotteries officials after several trials of tracing him. The spokeswoman, Bronnie Spencer, advised all listed players from the agent to confirm the tickets and respond to phone calls.

“There are 15 million reasons why Oz Lotto players should check their tickets. Imagine how your plans for the week may change once you discover you are now a multi-millionaire! We’re urging all players to check their entries as soon as possible and if you discover you are holding the division one winning ticket to contact SA Lotteries on 131 868 to begin the process of claiming your prize,” she mentioned.

“Previously, I have purchased tickets from various stores, depending on my location. However, always I play similar numbers,” the humble man added.

Jue Wang, the owner of Kurralta Plaza News agency, got excited upon realizing the purchased ticket from the outlet the previous night was about to make someone more productive.

“This is the first big prize for our store — and it sure is big. $15 million! We’re so excited to have helped turn one of our customers into a multi-millionaire. We hope the winner comes forward soon,” Jue said.

This year, the $15 million jackpot became the second Oz Lotto jackpot and the 21st division one prize won in South Australia. The Tuesday 12 June Oz Lotto draw 1269 winning and additional numbers included 22, 2, 31, 38, 12, 7, 45, and 11 and 29; this match made the fortunate local win.

When the winning father realized his win, the entire family began celebrating. “Gosh! It’s very awesome! My entire life I have waited for this.

This win is a significant one for our family. It means all of us can invest in our children’s future!” he claimed.

When questioned the criteria for choosing the numbers, he added; “Our numbers for Oz Lotto are all critical dates and family birthdays.

Numbers surround my life. Within five minutes I forget names; however, I can recall past phone numbers and times. For 15 years we have played similar digits. Now they have become extra unique and unforgettable!

Another Powerball winner walks away with $12.1 million

Another family gets two reasons to celebrate during the trip to Wanaka. The Powerball player traveled to celebrate his birthday when the news came along; the $12.1 million Powerball First Division win.

“There are always a million reasons not to go, but after a bit of conviction from a friend we decided to bite the bullet and head down for a special weekend away – without the kids,” said the anonymous winner.

“We just wanted a quiet night in to celebrate my birthday with our friends, so went to New World to pick up something special for dinner – lamb and a salad. As we headed out to the car, we saw the queue at the Lotto counter and decided to pick up a ticket. It was quite busy though, so there was a bit of a wait – we nearly left the line, actually,” he said.

The same evening after purchase news spread all over social media that the winning Powerball ticket is from Wanaka New World shop.

“When I saw that the winning ticket sold at the same shop we bought our ticket from, I knew I had to check it. I pulled up the winning numbers on MyLotto and checked them off – and there they were, all in a row online,” added the winner.

As everyone gathered around and checked the ticket, the couple realized just how lucky they had become – and needed to decide how to keep the ticket safe on their journey home the next day.

The man headed to Lotto NZ’s head office to receive the reward. The prizes safeguard their bank account and look to advance the plans of enjoying the win as a family.

The record for the Powerball win remains the seventh time drawn the current year and the second Powerball First Division prize won in the South Island in 2018.

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