June 2018 Winners of Oz Lotto

Winning Ticket for Oz Lotto lies unclaimed in Adelaide

13 June 2018

Today, a shopper from Adelaide is $15 million wealthier, although they are not aware of it yet. The Oz Lotto player who is registered purchased the winning entry from Kurralta Plaza Newsagency and became the winner of the whole prize pool for division one in the Tuesday night draw. But, they have not yet claimed their prize.

Officials from SA Lotteries have not managed to get in touch with the winner to verify the life-changing information. This fortunate local was the single division one winner throughout Australia in the draw for Oz Lotto 1269.

Bronnie Spenser, the spokeswoman for SA Lotteries, claimed that she encouraged registered players who bought their entry at Kurralta Plaza Newsagency to examine their tickets and answer their phone.

According to her, ‘There are very many reasons why Oz Lotto players need to examine their tickets.’

‘Picture how the plans you have for the week can change after you find out you have turned into a multi-millionaire!’

‘We request all players to examine their entries immediately. If you find out that you have the winning ticket for division one, get in touch with SA Lotteries on 131 868 to start the procedure of claiming your prize.’

Jue Wang, the owner of Kurralta Plaza Newsagency, was ecstatic after learning that last night his outlet had sold the only winning ticket for division one.

‘For our store, it is the first major prize. It is significant…an entire $15 million!’ Jung claimed.

‘We are very thrilled to have assisted in making one of our clients a multi-millionaire.’

We pray that the winner is going to claim their prize soon.’

The $15 million jackpot for last night presents the 21st division one prize as well as the second jackpot for Oz Lotto to end up in South Australia currently this year.

In January, a lady from Myrtle Bank won $10 million and claimed it would enable her family’s future to improve.

On Tuesday, 12 June, the Oz Lotto draw winning numbers were 22, 2, 31, 38, 12, 7 and 45. 11 and 29 were the supplementary numbers.

The Winner Comes Forward!

‘Praise God! Family from Limestone celebrates Oz Lotto win of $15 million

 15 June 2018

A  Limestone Coast region family has started partying because of the news that their dreams had been realized after they won $15 million from the Oz Lotto draw.

The registered entry of the family was the only division one winner throughout Australia on Tuesday, 12 June 2018 in the Oz Lotto draw 1269.

At first, SA Lotteries were not able to contact the registered player; however, today the winning father discovered about his multi-million dollar fortune.

The humble man spoke to a spokesperson from SA Lotteries and explained that for him, the win was not just his; it was for his entire extended family.

‘Gosh! It’s very awesome! My entire life I have waited for this.’ exclaimed the man.

‘This win is a significant one for our family. It means all of us can invest in our children’s future!’

When the winner was asked how he selected his marked numbers, he said:

‘Our numbers for Oz Lotto are all important dates and family birthdays.’

‘My life is surrounded by numbers. Within five minutes I forget names; however, I can recall past phone numbers and dates.

‘For 15 years we have played similar digits. Now they have become extra unique and unforgettable!

The winner, who does not want his identity revealed, bought his marked entry (14-game) from Shop T5, Kurralta Plaza Newsagency, 153 Anzac Highway, Kurralta Plaza Shopping Centre, Kurralta Park.

‘I am sure my regular store is going to be upset because I did not buy the ticket there,’ he remarked.

‘We visited Adelaide over the weekend, and I bought a ticket from the shops.’

‘Previously, I have purchased tickets from various stores, depending on my location. However, at all times I play similar numbers.’Jue Wang, the owner of Kurralta Plaza Newsagency, stated that he was thrilled the division one winner for the outlet had been located.

Young Mother from Cairns wins $40 million and says, ‘It’s fantastic!’

1 June 2018

After searching for a long time for the $40 million unregistered winner for Oz Lotto jackpot, a young mum has been discovered. After a search was conducted for a whole day throughout the area, a mother from Cairns has found out she’s in possession of the winning ticket!

The lady could not believe it this morning when she talked to Golden Casket. She said her multi-million dollar windfall was ‘unbelievable’ and stated that she does not want to show it off but she’s going to be generous. The fortune is a nice respite for the local family. She says her priority is to manage to spend extra time together, engage a cleaner and facilitate their plans of getting the home of their dreams.

The woman does not want her identity revealed. She bought a 6-game QuickPick entry at newsXpress Cairns Central, Cairns Shopping Centre, McLeod Street, Shop 126, Cairns at $7.90. This morning, moments after she went online and checked the winning figures, the lady talked to Golden Casket and discovered that her entire family’s lives would change.

‘It is astounding…just like a dream! I am unable to believe it yet. I am unable to accept it yet that we shall have such a significant quantity of cash,’ she exclaimed.

‘What I thought of first was that my husband would not need to work for many hours anymore and would manage to spend more time with the children as a family.’

Last week was very low, wondering when we would ever expect to have beautiful things. We did not have anything good going for us. Then this occurred!’

It means the new house they have always dreamed of is now within their reach. She said they now have more than they ever thought they could afford.

According to her, she was unable to hire a cleaner. She said she would inform her whole family, take them for a vacation and give everyone a treat. They will then make an investment plan to ensure their children’s future is secure.

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