Incredible Australian Lottery Windfall Winner Stories

Lotteries are quite popular in Australia and you can find a variety of games, with each having different prizes and odds. As a matter of fact, you can play a new lottery game on every single day of the week in Australia, which adds to the fun. Some of the games include Powerball Australia, Oz Lotto, Saturday Lotto etc. and all of these have helped make thousands of people millionaires overnight. Some people are consistent in playing the lottery and others play for the first time and are able to walk away with great prizes unexpectedly.

On 15th September, 2018, a 62-year-old woman from NSW won big thanks to the Saturday lotto draw. Not only did she win a Division 1 prize worth $408,233, but she also won a bonus of $26 in Division 6, which resulted in a grand prize of $408,249. The woman learnt of her win when she was dining at McDonald’s and then got in touch with the officials to confirm it. Speaking on the phone, she told the customer service team that she was sitting on the side of the road as finding a signal was difficult.

She joked that every car passing her thought she was a speed camera so they were all hitting the brakes. When asked about any special plans she had for spending her winnings, the woman explained that there were some immediate expenses that she wanted to deal with. She disclosed that her car’s battery had died and she hadn’t been able to get it serviced for the last five years. She also said she needed a new pair of glasses. Then, she said she would think about what to do later on. As far as the winning ticket is concerned, she bought an 18 x standard games ticket and picked the winning numbers luckily. She was one of the 10 Division 1 winners in the country.

While this win was undoubtedly impressive, imagine how it would be if you were to discover that you had won $7.5 million. This is exactly what happened to one happy man who participated in the Oz Lotto draw conducted on 30th, October 2018. There was a $15 million jackpot for this game and there were two Division 1 winners. The man wanted to stay anonymous after he had won his prize. He revealed that he was washing dishes on Tuesday when he was struck by a feeling that he was going to win the lottery.

Therefore, he decided to go online and buy a System 11 ticket. He also made another change and that was to avoid playing his usual numbers and going for his children’s birthdays. Since he was not playing his usual numbers, he didn’t immediately realize that he had won the lottery. The surprise was definitely a good one for his as it was for an NSW man who woke up on Sunday feeling good and his happiness was doubled when he realized that he had won the Division 1 prize in the Saturday Lotto.

The 53-year-old man got up on Sunday and went about his day as usual. He checked is emails as was the routine and that’s when he came across the email informing him that he had won the Saturday Lotto the evening before. He had successfully won the Division 1 prize on his usual 38 x Standard game Saturday lotto ticket, one that he had bought using the AutoPlay feature online. This feature allows you to buy your tickets automatically for every draw. He had been playing this specific ticket since June and it certainly turned out to be a good deal.

The stunned man spent the entire day in shock and repeatedly checked the results to ensure he really had won. He was over the moon at his good luck and couldn’t believe he had won. The good thing about the draw was that there were two Division 2 winners as well who also walked away $9,433 each. One of these winners were playing the lottery for the first time and luck was on his side as he was able to secure the Division 2 prize in the Saturday Lotto.

On 3rd November, 2018, there was another Division 1 winner in the Saturday Lotto who walked away with $500,000. The 61-year-old man had bought his entry for the lottery game online and he won prizes in several divisions. In Division 1, the WA man was able to win $441,295, in Division 2 he had won $9,134, in Division 3 he secured $1,163, $34 in Division 4 and in Division 5 he won $23. Due to these prizes, his total winnings were approximately $521,586.

The winner was just over the moon on Saturday night when he realized that he had won half a million dollars. He stated that it was his habit to check the numbers on the night of the draw and match them. He realized that he had won in several divisions and was extremely pleased with that fact. The man also made a confession of not having won any large prizes in the lotto or any other competitions of this kind. When asked if he thought it was possible to win the lottery, he said that’s the only reason he played because he thought he could win.

As far as his plans for his winnings are concerned, the lucky man said that he would start by first repaying his debts with the money before moving onto other plans. He also stated that he was not going to stop participating in the lottery because he was hoping to win again. For now, he was going to get rid of all his loans and continue playing. If luck worked in his favor, he was hoping he would receive a call from the lottery officials again in the future. With these lottery windfalls, any player can change their lives for the better and they provide them an opportunity to fulfill their dreams without working for years.

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