Great Stories of Australia Monday and Wednesday Lotto Winners

Australia is famous in lottery circles because it offers players a wide array of games to play. You can play a new lottery game every day of the week, which means you have the opportunity of becoming a millionaire every single day. In addition, playing the lotto in Australia is incredibly easy, especially with the introduction of apps and the draws are also fair. You can participate in any game of your choice and get the chance to become rich overnight and change your fortunes. Monday and Wednesday Lotto are also popular in Australia and they are conducted on the days mentioned.

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A brother and sister from Sydney made winning the Monday and Wednesday Lotto a family affair as each of them used their System 7 entry to win a Division one and other division prizes. As a result, their total winnings amounted to a hefty sum of $1,014,781. It was revealed by the siblings that each of them use special family numbers for playing the Lotto. Thus, when a mother from Doonside, who is the winning sister, saw the numbers and realized she had a match, she was aware that there would be a double celebration because her brother had the same numbers.

The sister said that it was downright wonderful that they had won together. She said that she was watching the draw live and since she knew her numbers by heart, she instantly knew they had won when the winning numbers were drawn. She said that the excitement level was so high that she was unable to sleep. The second winner i.e. the brother said that he was waiting by the phone for the confirmation call from NSW Lotteries to tell him that he had won the Division one prize of $1 million. He was thrilled when he received the confirmation of his winning entry.

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He said that he gets the newspaper every morning and when he saw the draw results, he realized the numbers seemed familiar. The winning man said that when he realized he had won, he knew his sister had too. He hadn’t gotten a chance to call his sister for congratulating her on becoming a millionaire. Both siblings were asked what they planned to do with their winnings. The two didn’t hesitate in stating that they would share the windfall with their family. The woman said that she would be able to help out her children.

She also said that her husband hadn’t seen his family for years as they lived overseas and she was going to take him to visit them. As for the winning brother, he said that the news hadn’t sunk in properly yet and other than sharing the prize with his family, he was going to think about other plans. He said he wasn’t sure about his plans yet and he would have to think about what he wanted to do. Both siblings are regular players of the Monday and Wednesday Lotto and wished to remain anonymous.

They had purchased a System 7 entry in the draw. The sister had bought her ticket from the Ky Newsagency in Doonside whereas the brother had bought his winning entry from Mascot North Newsagency in Mascot. There had been two division one winning tickets in the Monday and Wednesday Lotto conducted on October 11, 2017. While these two siblings instantly knew they had won a prize, there was a couple that had no idea they had one a share of the $4 million jackpot in the Monday Lotto. There are people who forget about their winning tickets and this is exactly what happened to David and his spouse and he nearly missed out on doubling his win.

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The two of them were regular lottery players and they had the habit of playing special numbers that matched the dates of their birthdays. The lucky couple’s entry was one of the four winning entries and it got them a prize of $1,000,000. They were happy with their win, but what they didn’t know was that they had another winning ticket with them. It wasn’t until a week later that David found out he had another lottery ticket for the draw, which could generate an additional million dollars for them.

The lucky ticket had been lying in his jeans pocket all this time and David was about to launder them. It was a good thing that he didn’t do so and he was extremely happy for not making this mistake. He couldn’t figure out how he had managed to duplicate the same winning numbers again. In order to find a reasonable explanation for the second lottery ticket, David had to ransack his memory and then it finally came to him. It had been a very busy week for him as he was working as a delivery driver.

It may have slipped his mind that he had already purchased a ticket and he bought the second one. After discovering the ticket, he went online and checked the lotto results. He realized that one prize was still unclaimed and that’s when he rushed to his wife and gave her the news. At first, his wife was rather skeptical because she couldn’t fathom how this was possible. He told her the entire story and it took him a while to convince his wife. In this way, the couple was able to actually double their win and they took home a total of $2 million. They got in touch with the lottery officials who were also surprised because the same player had ended up winning twice in a draw, which is not very common.

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As far as their plans are concerned, the lucky couple decided to keep their windfall in reserve for a comfortable retirement and family needs. David was already over 60 and he took retirement once he received his lottery winnings so he could indulge in his favorite hobby of playing golf. As for the wife, she decided to fulfill her dream of visiting, New York in the USA and London in Great Britain.

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