Geelong Is Proud To Present Two Division One Wins From April!


The two winning entries that were sold in Newcomb and Geelong were among the nine winning entries for division one from throughout Australia, such as seven from Victoria on Saturday, April 1, 2017, from 3725 TattsLotto draw.

Each became a winner of  $463,590.27 first division prize.

Young Family from Bell Park start looking for a house with their win

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A young Bell Park family has admitted they were overwhelmed by their division one winnings. The couple in their 30s, who are married said that they did not sleep a wink after they discovered at midnight that they were winners of division one.

The wife said, ‘On Saturday, my spouse was at work on night shift. When he returned home, he checked the Tattslotto winning numbers and informed me that we had each of the six numbers!’

‘However, I did not take him seriously as he jokes with me often. So, I told him it could not be true.’

‘He planned to go out and examine the ticket immediately, but I told him as it was midnight already, it was not advisable to go out as anything might happen. I told him to wait until the following day.’

‘Therefore, the following day, we went to the petrol station extremely early following a very sleepless night!’

The wife, who is very happy, said they had gone house hunting.

‘Now we have the cash we require to purchase a home for our family. It is extremely difficult to purchase a home nowadays. We want to have it for our kids later on,’ she said.

‘We are somehow crazy as already, we began hunting for a home on Sunday! We were looking forward to the confirmation of our win; we simply so thrilled to get a home.

‘However, at the moment we are simply so happy as we are aware it is genuine.’

‘Our wish is to spend it wisely. We want to take things easy so that we do not spend it all quickly. This is something that happens once in a blue moon and we may never have this opportunity again!’

The couple that does not wish to reveal their identities. Bought their marked entry (18-game) from Geelong West at Woolworths Petrol, 109 Shannon Avenue.

This is the second entry for division one that has been sold by the outlet in six months. The previous October, it sold a Lotto entry for Monday and Wednesday, which won, to a Geelong West man.

A woman from Geelong wins the lottery


Another winner from Geelong was at first unable to take Tatts officials seriously when they called her this morning to verify her division one prize.

In the end, however, it became apparent that the woman who had a 12-game marked entry that presented a blend of family birthdates and other digits had become the winner of a $463,590.27 fortune.

‘I really appreciate! I believed it was a fraud or joke, or something, as such things never occur to individuals like me!’ she said.

‘Oh gosh, this is unbelievable. In case you have time we shall visit the pub and drink a bottle of champagne! This is surreal, I have not digested it yet!’

The joyful winner plays regularly but stated this was her hugest fortune at present.

‘I have played for a long period simply playing similar numbers repeatedly. Some present dates of family birth and others are digits that I like,’ she said.

The kind winner has not yet gotten used to the win and she said she was not precisely aware of what how she would spend her prize. However, it was possible that she would contribute some of it to the charities that she gave support.

‘When I find it in the account, that is when I will take it seriously. I am truly not aware of how I will spend it!’ she stated.

‘Honestly, I do not have a clue! I simply require a bit of time to realize this!’

The lady, who wants her identity kept secret, bought her marked entry for 12-game from Newcomb, Bellarine Village Lotto at Bellarine Highway, Shop 12.

The owner of Bellarine Village Lotto, Ben Kelberg stated that he was excited that another ticket had been sold by his outlet for a winning entry of division one.

‘Only a couple of months back, we sold a winning ticket for Super 66 and we have sold some division one entries through the years,’ he stated.

‘We have been lucky and we hope this will continue!’

‘We congratulate the winner and wish them fun with their prize!’

Nine winning entries for the division were present all through Australia. This included seven from Victoria where each became the winner of a $463,590.27 prize in TattsLotto draws 3725 on 1 April 2017 on Saturday.

The Saturday Lotto six winning digits in Saturday Lotto draw 3725 on 1 Saturday, April 2017 were 34,24,32,20,37 and 16. 45 and 4 were the supplementary numbers.
The division one winning entry for the Lotto has made a total of 302 as of now, this financial year, which is inclusive of 126 that Tatts customers won.

A man from Point Cook becomes the winner of Tattslotto two times, accidentally and becomes instant multi-millionaire

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For a lot of people, becoming a Tattslotto winner happens once in a lifetime. However, for a Point Cook man, he won twice. This man who is in his 30s accidentally played his preferred number two times and became a winner twice online in the draw for the weekend and obtained two prizes for division one of $1.3 million each.

‘I initially thought, gosh, I have become the winner of $1.3 million and I first lay in bed trembling,’ he stated.

‘However, after one hour or more, I discovered I had not examined my other ticket. Therefore, I checked the following one and I really surprised to discover I had played twice for the same game.’

The man obtained $2.6 million due to his mistake and intends to purchase a house, Ferrari and take leave from work to travel.

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