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Australian lotteries are renowned all over the globe because there are a wide array of options for all kinds of lottery players. One of the most recognized Australian lottery games is none other than the Powerball. Like its American counterpart, Powerball Australia is also known for paying out great prizes. Draws are held every Thursday and people see their futures change when they play this game. Over the years, Powerball Australia has made thousands of millionaires and completely transformed their lives.

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The same happened to a Sydney mother when she won a $20 million Powerball jackpot. Her family struggles had been at peak and they were facing challenges constantly so the win came at the perfect time for her and her family. Just two days before she won, she had had to scrounge for coins in her car for enough money to purchase some coffee. Therefore, the win was definitely a good thing for her because she could go from not being able to buy coffee to purchasing an entire coffee for her.

Hailing from Lewisham in inner west Sydney, the woman said that she was already aware that she was the winner of the division one prize when she got a confirmation call from a NSW Lotteries official. She said her husband almost had a heart attack when she told him about their good fortune. She stated that he had been in the other room when she called out to him. She ran up to him and gave him the good news and started crying. The woman added that she was in ‘shock’ since she found out and hadn’t slept a wink. She was over the moon because it was a huge win for her.

Even though she had joked about buying a coffee, the young woman was actually planning to purchase a home for her family. She disclosed that they were currently renting and she wanted to buy an actual home. It was a dream come true for her. She had purchased her ticket online and it also ended up winning division two 19 times due to which her total winnings amounted to $20.5 million.

A western Sydney man took home a prize of $8 million when he chose to pay heed to advice given to him by his late father. The entire division one Powerball prize was won by the Greenfield Park man when he used the same numbers that his father used to play. He said that he had been using these numbers for his father and had been doing the same for the last three years. The man revealed that his father had asked him to continue playing the numbers for him as they would be good for the family and he turned out to be right.

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Still in shock after learning about his win, the man said that he had a large extended family and was going to use his winnings to look after them. The main said that his father had always done right by the family and as he had won because of his numbers, he was going to use the money to help out the family. The man stated that his late father had always wanted to help the family and now it was possible for him to fulfill his father’s wishes.

The ticket was purchased at Greenfield Newsagency and according to staff member, Gina Chen, it was the first division one prize sold by the store. She said they were extremely happy for the winner.

One of the greatest stories of Australian Powerball winners is of Jake whose sweet tooth helped him win a massive prize of $20 million. Jake had been out shopping and was actually getting his favorite candies when he was struck with the idea of buying a lottery ticket since he was already in the store. He asserted that he hadn’t asked about the jackpot amount as he was buying the ticket on a whim. Eventually, the retired Australian decided to purchase 3 entries for Powerball Australia, all through the Quick Pick option. After buying the ticket, he went home and resumed his daily routine, completely forgetting about the lottery tickets.

He only remembered them on the evening of the draw when he met a couple of friends who told him that the lucky winning ticket was bought at a store nearby-the same store from where he bought candies. There were rumors that the lucky winner was a regular at the store. Jake realized that he could be the winner as he did his shopping there regularly, but he didn’t want to be too hopeful. He decided not to hurry and put off the decision of checking the ticket till the next time he went to the store.

A few days later, Jake met another friend who also mentioned the story of the lottery winner along with the description of the ticket winner. This gave him a start so he went back home, turned on his computer to go online and checked the results. He was in complete shock when he saw that he had the winning numbers. He could only stare at his ticket and double-checked the winning numbers over and over again. Once he got his breath back, he went to claim his $20 million jackpot.

As far as plans about his winnings are concerned, Jake asserted that he would use the wealth he received to help others. He would assist his family and relatives in overcoming their financial difficulties. Jake said that he wasn’t very eager to spend the money on luxuries, but he was going to buy new cars for his two sons. He also mentioned that he would be helping other people by making some donations to charities and local organizations. As for himself, Jake said that he liked his old car and was not going to buy a new one, but was going to use some cash to get some favorite candies that had enabled him to win his big prize.

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