Farmer Wins Oz Lotto Jackpot $15 Million

The Story:

This is a story about a farmer from Mareeba who became a multimillionaire overnight. He didn’t know he won the Oz Lotto draw on 7th of February 2017 until a Golden Casket representative contacted him over the phone. The company was trying to reach him the morning after the draw, but he only managed to answer the call during his lunch break.

When the farmer heard the news, he thought that it was an early April Fool’s joke. However, it turned out to be true and he was $15 million richer. Even though he was always playing the lottery, the thought of winning the jackpot never entered his mind. Never in his wildest dreams did the farmer thought he would be able to match 7 Oz Lotto numbers and get the jackpot of a division one lottery.

He heard that the winner of the Oz Lotto draw came from Mareeba, but he still didn’t think that it was him. That’s why he didn’t bother to check his ticket. It is also the reason why he was working hard that Wednesday morning just like any other day of the week. His wife was in disbelief when she answered the call. Then she started crying because of joy.

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Still Working Hard After Winning Oz Lotto:

The 50-something year old farmer from Mareeba doesn’t have any plans of retiring after winning $15 million from Oz Lotto. According to him, he will become mad if he is not doing something. He said he’s been a hard worker all throughout his life, and becoming a multimillionaire will not change this.

The man from Mareeba wants to remain anonymous, and continue with his life as a farmer. However, he already has plans for the money: The first thing that he will be buying is a house. He also plans to help his children and book a cruise holiday for the entire family. Aside from farming, he is also passionate about cars. He already has a dream car that he is planning to buy with some of his winnings.

How does it happened:

The farmer bought the winning ticket at Piagnos News. According to the store, it was already the sixth time that a division one lotto ticket has been bought from them. The owners said that the town was excited about the news of local winners. Being just a small town, everyone knew each other. The owners of the store were happy for selling the winning ticket to the farmer. To date, the $15 million is the highest prize money that someone won from lottery tickets bought from the store.

Actually, the total jackpot was $30 million, but there were two entries that got the winning combination so the jackpot was split with each winner getting $15 million. Aside from the farmer from Mareeba, the other winner came from Carlisle in Western Australia. There were also two division two winners. Both of them were from Queensland and received more than $38,000 each.

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