The Extraordinary Story of the OZ Lotto Winner

One of the most compelling stories by the OZ Lotto winner that we heard is about the luckiest and the unluckiest man.  The story of the music teacher sounds like a scene from the movie Final Destination where the man who met an accident won the lottery game.  In 1962, the music teacher was riding a train when suddenly, the train derailed and it directly plunged into the icy and cold river. 17 of the train passengers perished on the spot. Fortunately, he survived the freaky accident with only a fractured bone on his arm and pneumonia.

The Series of Freak Accidents before Winning the OZ Lotto Results

If you think that this is the last time that he will escaped death, think again.  The music teacher will be involved in a series of accident, but he will manage to survive them all before winning the OZ Lotto jackpot.  One year after the train accident, the lotto winner was riding a plane at the Rijeka when the door accidentally blew out sucking the passengers.  Luckily, he landed on a haystack which minimizes the impact.  Around 19 other passengers have met their death on that plane accident.  This is also the last time that he went aboard the plane.

Oz Lotto Jackpot

About 4 years after this plane accident, he once again met an accident.   All of a sudden, his car was engulfed by fire due to the defective fuel tank.  He once more escaped death, but he also suffered a minor degree burn.  After that, the OZ Lotto winner decided that he will no longer use his private car and will just use the public transportation.  He realized that shifting to the public mode of transportation is more beneficial to his health.

After 3 years, the cab that he was riding was caught in flame due to the faulty mechanics.  He was able to escape, but it left a nasty mark on his face and completely burned his scalp. In the year 1995, a car hit him where he acquired minor injuries.  He was once again involved in a car accident in the next year, but he was also able to escape death unscathed.

The music teacher may be the unluckiest man alive during that time.  However, fate has decided to reward him from this series of unfortunate experience.  He was able to match the winning number of the OZ Lotto results where he won a couple hundreds of dollars.  When the press asked him where he plans to spend his money, he said that he will buy the safest car on Earth, so he will never have to deal with another accident again.

Since the inception of the OZ Lotto, we have heard some amazing stories from our past OZ Lotto winners, but the story of the Music teacher is definitely the most interesting story that we heard.  Hopefully, the 1996 accident will be the last accident that he will encounter on his life.  I personally don’t know if I should call him as the luckiest or the unluckiest man alive.


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