Set For Life Stories

Set for Life lottery continues to present many winners, whose unexpected wins catch them totally by surprise! Being a millionaire

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Oz Lotto results have changed the lives of many people in the past. People who truly needed this money to

Set For Life Inspiring Stories

A lady who became winner of $20,000 for Set for Life Lotto each month for 20 years will no longer

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November 6 was the draw for the biggest Oz Lotto jackpot, and it forever changed the lives of three Australian


The Tattslotto or Saturday Lotto is among the numerous lottery games that are very famous, found in the portfolio of

Set for Life Winner story

The Set for Life has produced many millionaires over the years! These awesome wins have enabled people who were otherwise

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The 1215 Oz Lotto draw was carrying a splendid jackpot of $40 million. Most of the people who played this draw

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Life can take a different turn all of a sudden, which was the case with a Canberra public servant who

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An astounded married couple that resides in a tiny Victorian dairy town has emerged as the exceptional winners of $40

Monday Lotto Millionaire

There is another WA millionaire! This happened after the sale of one ticket in the State which presents the sole