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WA Winner Obtains Division One Prize for $2.1 Million in Saturday Lotto

The weekend of a WA Lotto player became more enjoyable tonight because of winning $2.1 million. The ticket was purchased

Woman From Brisbane Wins $16.7 Million in the Oz Lotto Draw and Other Stories

One of the latest winners was a woman from Brisbane who won $16.7 million in the Oz Lotto Draw. She

Where to Become a Lottery Winner in the World and Also Maintain Your Privacy

Becoming a winner of $769 million might seem like the realization of a beautiful dream. However, for a lottery winner

Unidentified Lotto Winner is not aware they have become $590K wealthier

In 48 hours, a store in Bankstown sells a couple of winning Lotto tickets. In case you purchased a ticket

When Is The Next Saturday Lotto Superdraw

The Australian Saturday Lotto MegaDraw and SuperDraw In Australia the Saturday lotto game is also knows as “X Lotto” “Gold Lotto”

5 Players Will Each Win $1.43 Million This New Year

5 Western Australian lotto players will be living it up, while winning an estimated $1.43 million in the Saturday Lotto

Huge Australian Lottery Jackpots Coming Up – Get Your Tickets Before The Draws

Australian lotto games are known for their big jackpots and overall good odds. Unlike USA lotto games where the odds

Lucky Guy Wins Saturday Lotto Jackpot by Accident

The Man Who Bought The Wrong Lotto Ticket That Won Him $976,000 This lucky lotto player now has $976,000 more

Saturday Lotto Jackpot Winners: Two More Winners In Australian Lotto During The Weekend

During the weekend two lucky players who play the Saturday Lotto game (see Saturday Lotto results here) won huge prizes

Where To Buy Lotto Tickets – What Is The Best Place To Buy Lotto Tickets?

Is There a Certain Shop Or Website or Area Where More Winning Tickets Are Sold? Recently in the news it

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