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The Australia Lottery

Lotteries are very popular in Australia, which is probably why there is one conducted every day of the week with the exception of Fridays and Sundays. Some of them are licensed by Lotterywest lottery companies as well as the Lott. The operators are licensed at a territory or state level and this includes both private sector and non-profit and state government-owned companies. A number of Australian lotteries have now joined the online marketplace, which means that they can be played online. However, some of the state lotteries such as Cash 3, Lotto Strike and Intralot are only available in certain states in Australia and cannot be played everywhere.

As far as the money from Australian lottery is concerned, 60% of the money is given to the winners in the form of prizes. The operating costs take away 7% whereas 8% is paid out in commission, which is added to the tickets’ price and given to official retailers. The remaining revenue is spent on the community, which includes areas such as health, arts, sports and others.

Knowing the Australia Lottery Rules

The regulations of the Australia lottery are different for every state. The first requirement, which is applicable everywhere except for Western Australia, is the minimum age to purchase lottery tickets i.e. 18. In Western Australia, you can buy a lottery ticket at 16. Secondly, you don’t have to be in Australia in order to participate in the exciting lottery games that are offered in the country. In addition, there are no taxes charged on the prizes won in the lottery, but the claim needs to be made as soon as possible. In fact, some lotteries require you to claim the prize within 14 days of the draw and it will not be available after.

Guide for Playing the Australia Lottery on Lottosend Website

Different rules apply for the various lotteries played in Australia and they are listed below:

  • Monday Lotto: This is the first lottery of the week and drawn on a Monday with a jackpot of (AUS)$1 million. It follows a 6/45 format along with two bonus balls. There are six prize divisions.
  • Oz Lotto: Drawn on Tuesday, this lottery has a $2 million jackpot and 7 prize divisions. The lottery follows a 7/45 format along with two bonus balls.
  • Wednesday Lotto: Also following the 6/45 format with two bonus balls, this lottery is drawn on Wednesday. There are six prize divisions and the jackpots are worth $1 million.
  • Powerball: This is the Thursday lottery with a jackpot starting from $3 million and with 8 prize divisions. It has a 6/40 format and a 2/20 format for the bonus balls.
  • Saturday Lotto: The most popular of all, the jackpot starts at $4 million and with six prize divisions. The 6/45 format is followed with two bonus balls.

How Can I win the Australia Lottery?

There are different tips that can come in handy for winning the Australian lottery. The easiest way to go about it is to buy as many tickets as possible. Other than that, you can use some great tactics for choosing your lottery numbers like a combination of odd and even numbers. You can also pick numbers from different ranges to ensure you have spread your risks. There are also some numbers that are overdue and haven’t been picked in a while so you can also opt for them.

Australia Lottery Payouts

The different Australia lotteries have various jackpots and have managed to payout some massive prizes. The largest jackpot in Australian lotteries was paid out in 2012, which was guaranteed at $100 million, but $112 million were paid out to four winners. The second largest prize is that of the Powerball worth $80 million and was paid out in 2009. If you are playing online, your winnings will be transferred into your account. If you buy from a retailer, you can claim your prize from any retail outlet if it is less than $1500. For anything higher, you need to fill a Prize Claim Form.

Second Tier Prizes

The Saturday lotto has the record of the third highest jackpot in the Australia lottery, which is about $47.9 million. Other highest second-tier prizes that have been paid out are $6 million and $1 million respectively.

History of the Australia Lottery

On 24th June, 1972, it was through a television broadcast that Australia joined the world of modern lottery. The initial jackpot was just $50,000 and the game was really a raffle. It was in November, 1979 that the first non-raffle draw was conducted and the first prize was a massive $384,975 and it followed a 6/40 format. Each lottery was operated independently and only in a particular state. The first national lottery was the Oz Lotto, which was launched on February 22nd, 1994 and then it was followed by the Australian Powerball 2 years later.

Buy Australia Lottery Tickets Online At

You can play different games of the Australia lottery online, whether you are in the country or in any other part of the globe. There is no additional cost charged for purchasing your tickets online and the process is also quite straightforward. You just need to sign up at and the account comes with a useful e-wallet that can be used for buying games and collecting your winnings. You can play the Monday Lotto, Oz Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, the Australia Powerball and also the Saturday Lotto.

Lottosend Online Australia Lottery Syndicate

Syndicates are formed when a bunch of friends, family or colleagues come together to pool in their money and buy a large number of tickets for boosting their odds of winning. A large number of lottery jackpots have been won by syndicates. Forming and managing syndicates is tough due to which online syndicates are a blessing. You can easily find syndicates for Saturday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto and other popular Australian lotteries online at official retailers and can join in for increasing your chances of winning the jackpot. The retailers are responsible for managing the syndicate and splitting the award, if they do win.

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