Biggest Oz Lotto Jackpot Changes Lives of 3 Aussie Families

November 6 was the draw for the biggest Oz Lotto jackpot, and it forever changed the lives of three Australian families. Actually, there were four lucky Oz Lotto winners who received nearly $28 million each. Aside from the three families, a syndicate also got the winning combination. The syndicate had 80 members from all over Victoria.

Townsville Family

One of the families who got the right Oz Lotto numbers was from Townsville. The father of the family said that their number priority was to buy their dream house. They also planned to buy a boat and a shed. He also said that he bought his sons their own motorbikes that they can use to ride on the property.

The father also planned not to work long hours as before. He has more time to spend with his wife and confessed that their relationship grew stronger after becoming Oz Lotto winners. He also said that they didn’t hide the fact that they were big winners of the Oz Lotto, but they don’t brag about it either. Aside from buying things for themselves, they also helped other people that included giving money and buying houses for family members.

Melbourne Family

A family from Melbourne was also one of the big Oz Lotto winners. With the money, they also bought their dream house and gave their children their own properties. The winning mother said that winning the lottery was a life changing experience, but they make sure that it doesn’t change who they are. She said that she gave her children their own homes on the condition that they continue to work, and don’t expect any dole outs. The remaining winnings from the Oz Lotto are now being handled by financial advisers.

Canberra Family

Among the three families, the one from Canberra was the only exception when it came to how they used their winnings. The family placed the entire amount in their bank and tried to keep living their lives the way they used to.

According to the father, they still buy items that are cheaper in the grocery store. He said that he wants the money to be a multi-generational thing and not just a one-off event. He wants generations of his family to benefit from his Oz Lotto winnings.

His advice for people with large amounts of money is to place it in a term deposit for six months. Then make sure that the investments are sound before putting money into them. They also kept winning the lottery a secret. And by living their lives the same way, nobody from their community suspected them of winning the Oz Lotto results.

As you can see, each family spent their winnings differently. One of the families was open about being Oz Lotto winners, while there’s one that kept it a secret. And the other one was sort of in between. But one thing they have in common is that they invested their winnings to benefit their family members.

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