Big Oz-lotto winners during September

The Big Winners Whose Life Changed because of a Lottery

You never know whether you are going to win the jackpot or not when you buy a lottery ticket. The odds are so unbelievable to look at that the thought of you winning millions remains a dream. However, there are those who strike the jackpot and win millions of dollars. These people who whose lives take a complete U-turn aren’t often able to describe their feelings after winning a lottery. More often than not, the first thing they do is quit their tiring jobs, start their businesses, take a long vacation to some other part of the world, and help their family members with their financial challenges.

Believe it or not, hundreds of people see this life changing moment around the world every single day. Similarly, dozens of Australians also get a chance to make their dreams come true every week through a wide range of lotteries. From multiple hundred thousands to millions of dollars, these lotteries completely overturn the lives of these people. It is always interesting to know how they found about their win and what their feelings were when they realized they had won millions of dollars. Here are some of the big winners of Australian lotteries who are now living completely different lifestyles than they were a month ago. These are the stories of individuals who hit it big in September.

The Woman Who Thought It Was a Hoax

Tatts Lotto that took place on September 15, 2018 was a unique one. You could say that this jackpot was a big sign for those who have never taken part in lotteries to put their disbeliefs aside and try their lucks out. Amazingly, as a result of this draw, there were a total of 10 division one winners. Some people can’t believe that winning a jackpot is possible or if lotteries even work. And here the draw resulted in giving the same division one prize to 10 different people. Despite the jackpot getting split up between 10 people, the prize money going to each individual was a huge $400,000.

This prize money was big enough to make someone think of you as a hoax if you called them and told them they had won this prize. That same thing happened to this Australian lady living in Melbourne when she was contacted about her win. At first, she thought of the call as a scam and did not believe what they were saying. However, the representatives assured her that they were real people and that they had been trying to contact her for a full week now. The winner is a mother and she expressed her feeling by saying that she could not trust the callers because of the prize money they were quoting.

According to her, she has won several prizes in the past but they were all very small in size. The fact that the callers were telling her that she had won $400,000 made her think of them as scammers. The exact prize money is $408,000, and the announcement of her win made her go “O my God”. The women decided to remain anonymous, as many lottery winners do for several reasons. Her story should also be encouraging for people who want to buy a ticket online because she had bought hers from the online website.

The woman has a good idea of what she will be doing with the money. According to her, she will focus more on helping her family with their financial issues rather than spending it on vacations and other similar things.

The Man Who Did Not Take It Seriously

Another amazing draw took place on September 1, 2018, when there were nine division one winners of a huge jackpot of $2 million. The exact prize money was a unique figure of $2,222,222. It is amazing to see that the winner could consider the excess 222,222 as spare change and still have $2 million to make his dreams come true.

His win seems as though the nature had decided that it was time for him to change his life. Being one of the nine winners and buying your ticket without any thought to it is definitely a miracle. And miracle it was for the winner who thinks that he had no expectations from the lottery and that he bought the ticket for no particular reason. Once again, it is quite surprising that this man bought his ticket online too. Whether it is some random generator or something else, the online tickets buyers are winning a lot these days.

According to the winner, he is not even interested in lotteries that much. He said he does not buy lottery tickets but on that day he bought it for no particular reason. After winning the prize money, the man is still in awe and can’t believe his luck. The sign of his disbelief is that he did not spend more than $8 on the ticket, but since the nature had to have its way, it decided to make him win multiple millions for the only ticket he had purchased.

Just like the woman from Melbourne stated above, the man could not believe that he could win this big. Even after the officials called him on his phone to confirm his win, he was not sure whether they were legit or not. He said that he even opened his account on his computer and kept looking at it in disbelief. To be sure that he really had won the lottery, he called his friend and asked him to verify that he had really won. Once he was sure that the winner was him, according to him, he could not fall asleep the entire night.

When asked about his plans with the money, he said that was going to act intelligently with all the money he had gotten. He said he was not going to waste the money and rather do something to increase the money even more. Financial advisor was the first person he was going to get in touch with according to his statement. Of course, he has a lot of responsibilities on his shoulder as a man who has to take care of a family. He said that he wanted to provide whatever financial help his children needed from him. In addition to that, he wants to buy a new house and pay the debt he has on his car.

The big winner has his little dreams as well. As per him, all his life he has not been able to get a first class ticket of an airplane. After the win, he wants to experience the feel of the first class. He also plans to spend a few days away from home and at some vacation destination where he can smell in the fresh air and indulge in the happiness of his lottery win. The draw number that changed the life of this man was 3873 with 19 and 18 as the supplementary numbers.

The Man Who Checked It Again, and Again, and Again . . .

The biggest win for the month of September in Australia is associated with the Powerball lottery. This draw took place on September 20, 2018, and it was meant to change the life of a man with prize money of $30 million. Luckily, there was only one winner of this huge jackpot. This was the draw number 1166, and the man must be smiling back at his luck with gratitude for getting him a life changing $30 million.

The winner belonged to Tasmania this time, a region that is not every well known for big lottery winners. The man wants to remain anonymous, and they definitely have their valid reasons to do so. Because the winner had not registered his ticket, the lottery companies in Australia could not contact him to tell him about his win. However, the man discovered his win himself when he checked his ticket with the winning numbers online.

That was the moment when the man thought he had the biggest instance of disbelief in his life. When he checked the first time and discovered that he had won $30 million, he could not believe his eyes. To smother his disbelief, he checked the ticket again, matched it with the winning numbers and they matched again. He still did not believe it. So, he calls his wife and asks her to match the lottery ticket number with the winning number. She confirms the number and exclaims that they won the jackpot, but the man was still in doubt.

According to the gentleman, he checked over and over and over dozens of time to be sure that he was not dreaming or his eyes were not witnessing an optical illusion.

At this point, any readers who also buy lottery tickets should be advised to register their tickets. You never know when you might end up winning millions. However, if the officials are not able to contact you, and you do not contact them for a specified period, you could lose all the money.

This was a special draw because it marked the biggest Powerball win for someone living in Tasmania. The shop owner who sold the ticket could not contain his happiness either. According to him, he always receives complaints from his customers that the big winners always belong to Mainland. He said he was happy because not only did this big winner belonged to Tasmania but his ticket was purchased from his store.

He also wished happiness and success to the winner. Since the announcement of this win, the customers have changed their minds too. According to the store owner, the customers now have been wishing him a winning streak in the coming times.

The win was so big for the winner that he could not think of anything after receiving the prize money. When asked about where he was going to spend money, he could not give any answer because he was still in shock and awe of the win.

Tips for Interested Lottery Participants

Now, these big wins and the stunned winners must have inspired you to buy your first lottery ticket as well. Here are a few tips before you participate in a lottery to help you increase your odds of winning.

  • Buy multiple tickets because the more numbers you have the higher your chances of winning.
  • If you think hitting a jackpot is out of question, you could go for a small yet still a life changing win by taking part in the lottery as part of a syndicate. When you are a part of a syndicate, you get to spend less and increase your chances of winning. If anyone in the syndicate wins the prize, you win it too.
  • Always research online and surf the lottery websites to know about the probability of numbers. Some numbers continue to appear in the winning combinations and some appear very rarely. According to the lottery websites, your chances of winning are only as high as the numbers you pick. If you pick low performing numbers, your chances of winning will be lower as well and vice versa.
  • When you buy a ticket, believe in yourself and your luck. Be sure in your mind that you are going to win even if that’s just a thought. With your positive thinking, you can change a lot.
  • Do a DIY analysis of the past wins of the lottery that you are going to take part in. Pick the numbers that you think will appear in the next draw.


Lottery is a game of luck, but to some extent, you can play with numbers to increase your chances of winning too. It should not matter how, but if some numbers appear frequently in the winning combinations, there is no reason why you should not pick those numbers for your ticket. Always remember to register your tickets so the officials can contact you when you win. Always double check your ticket to be sure that you have won, and that the person on the phone is not a scam. In the end, you must always have a plan as to what you will do with the money, not only to spend it but also to expand it.

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