Becoming a Millionaire Just Like That – The Recent OZ Lotto Winners in 2018

OZ Lotto remains one of the biggest lotteries in Australia and also the oldest. It has been making people millionaires and multi-millionaires for more than two decades now. The players have to choose seven numbers on their play slips and match them all to win the jackpot. The range is 1 to 45 from which these numbers have to be picked. The minimum jackpot won on any OZ Lotto draw is $2 million. When there is no winner, the rollover makes the jackpot even bigger. In the past, the jackpot has gone over $100 million multiple times. Let’s talk about some recent OZ Lotto wins in 2018.

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Recent OZ Lotto Jackpot Winners

The Two Freshest Multi-millionaires

One of the biggest jackpots of 2018 has just been won on October 30. After three rollovers, the OZ Lotto jackpot had become $15 million. It would have been a huge shock and an even bigger happiness if someone had won this entire $15 million. However, having to multi-millionaires is better than having just one. That’s exactly what happened on the draw and there were two winners who matched the numbers on their ticket with the jackpot numbers. The seven numbers that won the $15 million OZ Lotto jackpot were 8, 3, 31, 17, 14, 7, 28 – 30, 39 (Supplementary).

Since the jackpot gets split between the players equally, both the winners walked away with a whopping $7.5 million. In addition to these amazing winners, there were eight winners in the second prize pool. The second prize pool was quite big too at $173,690. Every winner in this category took home more than $21,000. Furthermore, there were 125 winners in the third prize winning category with each player pocketing nearly $2,900. On the whole, there were more than 290,000 players who won something as a result of this OZ Lottery draw.

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The Sole Winner of $10 Million

There is something special about being the sole winner of a jackpot. It is quite a feeling when you discover that there is no one to share millions of dollars with you. Every dollar that’s in the jackpot is yours. That’s what happened on the day of the draw that took place on October 2, 2018. The jackpot, which started at $2 million, had rolled over twice at that time. It was the third draw without a winner but it was someone’s lucky day. This ticket owner won a whopping $10 million jackpot with these numbers: 7, 38, 41, 16, 15, 24, 43 – 34, 27 (Supplementary).

This amazing $10 million went to a ticket owner in Western Australia. It was quite a day, not only for the person who won the big jackpot but those in the lower prize winning categories as well. For example, there were only three winners in the second prize tier. Each of these three winners took home a whopping $60,000. That money is enough for someone to start a business at a small scale or to pay off the house. In the third tier, there were 73 winners and each winner received nearly $4,800. There were quite a few winners in this draw – nearly 268,000 winners to be precise.

The Unbelievable $30 Winner of September

This ticket owner definitely has a story to tell whoever he/she meets. Winning big is one thing but being the only winner of a $30 million Oz Lotto jackpot is something out of this world. You have to keep in mind that there are often multiple winners in top prize categories so the jackpot often gets split. However, the draw that took place on September 11 was the biggest day in the life of the ticket owner who had marked these numbers on his ticket: 6, 4, 36, 23, 2, 30, 32 – 11, 27 (Supplementary). These numbers are in the order they were drawn.

The owner of this lucky ticket was able to match all the seven numbers. As soon as they claim the prize with a valid ticket, their account will swell up by $30 million since there is no tax on the lottery winnings in Australia. It was definitely a day to remember for this winner. The ticket is an unregistered one but the winner is from Sydney. In the second prize category, there were eight winners with each taking home $40,000.

Two of the Biggest Winners of 2018

On August 7, 2018, the lucky numbers were 31, 26, 15, 21, 14, 24, 40 – 33, 3 (Supplementary). This was one of the biggest OZ Lotto wins in 2018 which was split between two people. The jackpot on that day was a gigantic $70 million. Two people were lucky enough to match the seven winning numbers exactly and take home $35 million each. Of course, their lives have changed for good and they would not have taken any offense of sharing their jackpot because of how much they still received after the split.

The winners in the second division won more than $32,000 each. In addition to that, there were 311 winners who landed in the third prize winning category and they must have loved taking home nearly $5,000 each too.

Final Thoughts

There are still many people on the internet who wonder if people really win millions of dollars by playing lotteries. One has to keep in mind that these lotteries are official and the governments in the countries where these lotteries take place support these endeavors because of the outcomes. The money that is generated by selling the tickets is not only for the winners but some portion of it is used for development projects within the country. You just have to be persistent like many players who play for years to finally become millionaires. Of course, even when you play the lottery, the journey to becoming a millionaire is not always short.

Just before you start participating in OZ Lotto, it is recommended that you do some research on the past numbers. Find out the hot and cold numbers and pick them wisely. Buy more tickets than one to increase your chances of winning even more.

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