Australian Lottery Winner Who Took His Father’s Advice and more

Australian Lotteries and Their Winners

Did you know that Australian lotteries offer the highest odds of winnings anywhere in the world? In fact, they are one of the most marketed forms of public entertainment in the country. Australians love to play lottery. Organizers like Tatt’s group and Oz Lotto organize lottery almost every day, the most famous of which is the Saturday or Gold lotto! Offering $10 million jackpot prize almost every week.

Saturday lotto is extremely famous because people have ample time during the weekends to watch the lottery results online or on TV. It is a great way to spend time with friends and family and talk about various aspects of some of the best lottery games anywhere in the world. One of the best things about Australian lottery is that the winners appear from every part of the continent and the story they tell about how they selected their lucky numbers are worth listening to.

Stories of Australian Lottery Winners

Millions of people from all walks of life take part in the Australian lottery all around the year. Special lottery events like a mid-year lottery or the Christmas lottery grabs the attention of nearly everyone in the country. Here are some interesting stories from all over Australia about how jackpot prize winners deal with a lottery win.

Young man in Sydney wins $24 Million

In 2009, a young man from Sydney became the lucky winner of one of the largest lottery prizes every distributed in New South Wales. The spokesperson from Oz Lotto told news reporters that the winner calmly filled out the claim form and took home nearly quarter of a million dollars. The lad from Sydney wants to invest some of his wealth and also wants to help his favorite charity in their work.

Man, who came back to life to win a lottery

Bill Morgan is one of those famous Australian lottery winners who received a lot of media coverage for his famous lottery win in 1999. Bill was a truck driver who was usually on the road, driving from one part of Australia to the other. During one of his trips, Bill got hurt in a severe car accident and faced life threatening injuries. While he was being given life saving drugs, he suffered a stroke which stopped his heart from beating.

After being pronounced as clinically dead for nearly 14 minutes, doctors were finally able to get his heart going again. Unfortunately, due to this incident he went in to a coma for 12 days. On the 13th day Bill woke up with out any signs of brain injury. Considering himself to be one of the luckiest men alive, Bill purchased a lottery ticket to test his fortune. He won a prize of AUD 17,000 after scratching that ticket.

While he was talking to the press about his life-altering experience and a great lottery win, one of the reporters asked Bill to scratch another ticket for the camera. To the surprise of every one Bill won another $250,000 from that ticket!

International Syndicate

Australian lotteries are not only famous because they are marketed well and have one of the highest odds of winning anywhere in the world, but are also famous because of their accessibility all over the world. Recently, a group of people formed a syndicate to play a famous lottery in Australia. The members of cartel belonged to almost every continent of the world. When the results were announced, the group became a winner of one of the biggest prizes in the lottery.

Lottery winner who took his father’s advice

A young man in Australia was playing lottery for the past three years in hopes that he will be able to fulfill his father’s dream. The man from western Sydney won a Powerball jackpot after trying the same numbers his father gave him before dying. The winner’s father had suggested that a jackpot prize win could help his son make financial arrangements for his family. The winner wants to live up to his father’s dreams and help his family in paying off their debts and supporting them in every way possible.

Some of the best ways to spend a lottery win

Millions of people buy lottery tickets every year. Many of these players go on to win large prizes and some eventually become the jackpot winners as well. One thing that people miss out on during all this excitement is preparing a game plan for a lottery win. Here are some useful tips on spending your lottery winnings:

Invest in a Lucrative Asset

The best way to preserve your earnings is to buy assets that will appreciate in value over time. Some of the best asset classes to invest large sum of money include real estate, gold, and bonds. Real estate is a great way to earn passive income even after you retire from your regular job. You can put your property up for rent or upgrade and sell it for higher profits. As far as precious metal like gold is concerned, it has helped investors preserve their wealth for generations.

Move in to a new house

The best way to maintain your privacy and enjoy your newly found wealth is to change your residence. It is also an opportunity for you to experience a change of lifestyle and place. Lottery winners usually buy large mansions to enjoy their privacy and live a luxurious lifestyle. However, some lottery winners who move into a rich and famous neighborhood complain that their neighbors think they got all the wealth by luck and not by hard work and therefore are not able to fit in the society as well as they thought they would.

Take a vacation

After winning a lottery, people have a great chance to take a break from their routine work and enjoy a luxurious vacation that they had always longed for. However, it is recommended that you decide on a budget and stick to it through out the trip. This will keep you from spending too much of your wealth too soon.

Most of the people who win a jackpot usually change their lifestyle and in doing so leave behind things that really matter in life. These may include sincere friends and a peaceful life. Therefore, one should not get carried away and make every financial decision with a lot of caution after winning a lottery.

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