Australian Lotteries

Australian Lotteries

Why People Love Australian Lotteries

Australia is a fun-loving nation. The countrymen and women enjoy sports to the maximum. Australia has hosted some of the most famous sporting events in the world including the Olympics, Cricket World Cup, and Commonwealth Games. The land is also famous for its world-class lottery entertainment. Two of the most popular lottery organizers in Australia are the Tatt’s group and the Oz lotto group.

Every year, thousands if not millions of participants take part in these lotteries from all over the world. With cutting edge technology, these games can be played online as well. Lottery providers use many different techniques to facilitate their customers including quick ticket purchase and auto number selection. Australian lotteries take place almost every day, some of the most watched lottos are the Saturday or Gold lotto where jackpot can hit $10 Million marks.

Individual participants cannot only purchase a single ticket on a website but can buy group tickets as well. Cartels or syndicates are formed by family members, colleagues or a group of friends to increase their chances of winning the game.

Australian lottery winners and their stories

Winning an Australian jackpot is once in a lifetime opportunity. Contestants have won more than a hundred million dollars in jackpot during special events like New Year lottery. Here is a quick look at some of the exciting experiences lottery winners in Australia have after hitting a jackpot:

Laboratory Syndicate

A 16-member staff hailing from Sydney decided to play a lottery game on a group ticket. Staff members decided that whatever the amount they win will be distributed equally amongst the cartel. The group turned out to be quite lucky as the won a Division 1 prize in one of the most popular events in the country. The total prize money was worth $24 million, which was equally distributed amongst the group.

After winning the lottery, the laboratory staff decided to stay on the job as they liked working with each other a lot. Also, the syndicate win created a special bond between all the team members. The first things that many of the winners decided to were to pay off their debt. One of the staff who was approaching a bank manager previously to find out about a car loan decided the purchase the car himself.

Retired woman wins largest lottery amount in history

Lottery games in Australia are enjoyed by young and old alike. While young professionals have a good laugh at the bar about their lucky numbers, retired individuals discuss their lottery experience over the years usually on a dinner table. A retired woman from Melbourne, Victoria came out to be the lucky winner of the fourth largest jackpot offered to any individual in the history of the game.

The married couple decided to help their children by paying off their student loans. Since both of them were close to retirement, the lottery ticket paid off at the right time!

The Man who came back to life and won a lucky draw

For Bill, driving on Australian highways was a routine job. He was a truck driver by profession and used to live in his moving trailer. While he was driving one day, he met with a road accident which changed his life forever. Bill was suffering from life-threatening injuries and while doctors tried to save him, one of the drugs triggered a severe allergic reaction in his body which stopped his heart from beating for a few minutes.

Doctors did not give up on him and got his heart back on track after some excruciating minutes, unfortunately, he went straight a coma. With no sign of hope, Bill was pronounced clinically dead. Lucky him, he came back to life after 12 days without any signs of brain injury. For the bill, this was a life-changing, experience. To test his luck yet again, he bought a lottery ticket and to his amazement, he won $17,000.

The chain of events that happened in Bill’s life, made him an instant star. During one of his interviews, a reporter asked him to scratch another ticket for the camera. Bill won a quarter of a million dollars.

How to increase your chances of winning Australian Lotteries

One of the best ways to increase your probability of hitting a jackpot is to form a ‘cartel’ with your friends, colleagues or family. If 10 of you combine forces, your chances of winning a Division prize increase by many folds. The winnings are distributed equally amongst all members of a cartel.

Frequently lottery players suggest that one should select numbers at random rather than choosing the ones they feel lucky with. One of the major reasons for this is that lottery winnings have nothing to do with lucky numbers. In fact, the lucky draw is completely random in nature. Therefore, candidates who play Australian lotteries online should use an auto number generator to increase their chances of winning the game.

Rather than playing a lottery game, some experts suggest that you should bet on a particular number or a group of numbers to appear in the lucky draw. Bets are organized by lottery concierges who keep tab of the number of bets for and against a particular number. If your bet is for the number 4 to appear in the lucky draw and there are 100 other people who bet against it, you may have a chance of increasing your investment by 100 times if you win the bet.

Why play Australian Lotteries?

Australian lotteries offer one of the highest odds of winning a game anywhere in the world. Lotteries have been organized for centuries and are one of the most enjoyable forms of public entertainment today. By playing the Australian lottery, you get access to one of the most cutting-edge technologies being used in the game. The organizers of these lotteries spend millions of dollars to attract participants from around the world. They also ensure that the prize winners are facilitated in every way possible to make the best use of their earnings.

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Why People Love Australian Lotteries

Why People Love Australian Lotteries

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