Australia Wednesday Lotto Results

Australia Wednesday Lotto Results

Wednesday Lotto

Wednesday Lotto Latest Result and Winning Numbers

Prize per winner (AUD $)
6 + 0EB
5 + 1EB
5 + 0EB
4 + 0EB
3 + 1EB
2 + 2EB

Wednesday Results

The results for the Wednesday Lotto and Monday Lotto appear on this page. Both draws are essentially the same lottery with drawings on different days. For all intents and purposes, the lotteries are one singular lottery; a rollover on the Monday Lotto will be added to the jackpot amount of the upcoming Wednesday Lotto and vice versa.

Wednesday Lotto History

As with its jackpots, The Wednesday Lotto shares its history with the Monday version of the same game. Originally drawn in 1979 under a different brand name, the Wednesday Lotto has found its own place amongst the Australian lotteries and continues to be a popular draw for players throughout Australia and beyond.

Wednesday Lotto Online

You can play the Wednesday Lotto online from wherever in the world you may be. Be aware that the Wednesday Lotto is drawn in the evening in Australia, meaning that the Wednesday Lotto results are published in the afternoon for European players and in the morning for players across the Atlantic.

Wednesday Lotto Results & Jackpots

The minimum and record jackpot for the Wednesday Lotto is identical to those of the Monday Lotto – they are the same lottery. The minimum Wednesday Lotto jackpot is $1 million AUD and the Wednesday Lotto record jackpot stands at $6 million AUD.

Wednesday Lotto – Synopsis

A standard 6/45 + 2/45 lottery draw game that drawn on Wednesday, every Wednesday. The jackpot amounts correspond to the Monday version of this game.  They affected by the outcome of the previous draw. As with all Australian lotteries, the Wednesday Lotto is a tax-free lotto draw, however much that you have won in the prize division is the amount that will appear in your bank account (assuming that you don’t have to share the prize with others). The Wednesday Lotto is a fun and easy to play the lottery with great odds and lots of winners. Check your Wednesday Lotto results and see if you have matched all 6 numbers to become a Wednesday Lotto winner.

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