Anonymous Oz Lotto Winner Wins $3.3 Million

An anonymous man who lived in Darwin received the unexpected surprise of his life when the Tatts official told him that he is holding a winning Oz lotto ticket. He was one of the three winners of the draw that was held last April 18.  Each of them will be taking home a total of $3.3 million.  The other two OZ lotto winners came from ACT and New South Wales.  The lucky winner was still in disbelief while talking to the official since he was completely unaware that he was holding one of the winning tickets.

Exciting News That Changed the Life of a Man from Darwin

When the young man went to the local store in order to check the winning OZ lotto numbers, he had no idea that it will be one of the best days of his life.  He approached one of the staff and presented his ticket.  He was a bit afraid and shocked that the staff directed him to a more private area of their store.  When they told the man that he is one of the OZ lotto winners, he was completely at a loss. He found it hard to believe that he won that huge amount of money.

The young guy recently moved into Darwin to search for a job.  He did not know that his search for an employment will lead him to a huge fortune and a better future. Compared to the past winners who have no idea on what to do with the prize money, the young man has a clear plan on how he would spend his winning OZ lotto prize.  He told the media that he will first get a haircut in order to be more presentable when applying for a job.

The young man couldn’t help but giggle while answering most of the questions.  He couldn’t hide the happiness that he was feeling – which we all understand.  Apart from the haircut, the winner claimed that he will not rush into doing anything.  He is not planning to spend this money carelessly. In the meantime, he plans to keep it in his bank account while thinking of how to use it.  He will need to cautiously think about what to do with this huge sum of money.

Oz Lottery

He is also planning to go on a vacation for at least a week and think about how he will use the OZ lotto prize in a constructive manner.  Another plan was to celebrate by himself that night with some beers…cheap enough! The outlet was also pretty excited to celebrate another winning lotto entry. They haven’t experience a win for quite a while, and this is exciting and profitable news for them. They are also elated to tell the news to their loyal customer, and hopefully, it will boost their sales and uplift the motivation of the players.

Any further information about the mystery player such as the address, name, and profession are not included since the winner wants to maintain his privacy.  He also said that he will continue to place his bet at the same OZ lotto outlet regularly.



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