A ‘Hardworking’ Dad Actually Had a $50 Million Powerball Ticket and Unknowingly Carried it in His Wallet for Two Days

Interesting Stories of Australians becoming Lotto Millionaires

Australia has a plethora of lottery games to offer to anyone who is interested in trying their luck. As a matter of fact, you can play a game on every single day of the week and get a chance to become a millionaire. Who doesn’t want that? Each day, lots of people become millionaires all over Australia and are able to fulfil their dreams and live a luxurious life. You can find plenty of interesting stories of Australians who were ordinary citizens and became rich overnight. Their decision to participate in the lottery turned out to be a great one for their future.

Hailing from Sydney, a ‘hardworking’ dad actually had a $50 million Powerball ticket and unknowingly carried it in his wallet for two days. The Riverwood man had absolutely no idea that he had won a staggering sum and when he was in disbelief when he asked his son to check his lottery ticket online and came to know that he had won half of the $100 million jackpot. The man wanted to stay anonymous, but he did disclose that he was in complete shock as he had been carrying $50 million in his wallet without knowing about it.

Typically, he would check his numbers after a couple of weeks. The only reason he asked his son to check his numbers this time was because he had heard that the winner belonged to the Bankstown area and hadn’t come forward to claim their prize. This prompted his to check out his numbers, but he didn’t scream when he discovered his winnings. He said he chose not to scream until he had his prize in his hand. The man is a regular Powerball player and said that he and his wife had worked hard throughout their lives to provide for their family.

Now, he was looking forward to using his lottery windfall for retiring early and setting his loved ones up and securing their future. He said it was a huge sum of money so he was going to do the smart thing and get financial advice. A day before, it had come to light that the other $50 million winner was a Melbourne man who decided to check his ticket before going to bed. The man is only in his 20s and stated that he was trying to stay calm after he had learnt about his huge win. He revealed that he had bought his ticket the night before the draw just before they closed.

The winner said that it was a life changing win so he would do the right thing and look after his whole family. He was going to invest in shares and property for this purpose as it would help in making a difference. While this $100 million jackpot was divided among two players, the $60 million jackpot for the draw on November 8th was taken home by one man. Hailing from Gold Coast, a retired man was the only one who guessed all eight numbers correctly and it is the second-largest division one prize in Australian lottery history to have been claimed by a single ticket.

The Burleigh Heads man said that he was still shocked and he had first thought it was a joke because it was unbelievable and he just couldn’t get his head around it. The man had been playing the Powerball on and off since the game was introduced, but he has never won anything higher than $600. He also admitted that he had purchased the winning ticket on a whim. The Gold Coast local wants to remain anonymous and has now won a prize that has a few more zeroes added to his previous win amount.

The man said that he would share his windfall with his family and also wanted to use it for going on a real vacation. He stated that he was retired, but he was still young enough to enjoy his winnings. The man visited Nextra Burleigh Town News located in Burleigh Heads to buy his winning 50-game Quick Pick entry. Milly Nyssen, an employ at Nextra Burleigh Town News said that they were delighted to discover that they had sold another division one winning ticket. She said that customers were always asking them to sell a winning ticket and now they had done so, which was quite amazing.

Previously, the news agency had sold a winning entry for the Saturday Gold Lotto in March, which was worth $1.3 million. This is the first time that a $60 million Powerball jackpot was won after 2013. One Queenslander got really lucky this Christmas and had all his dreams come true as he won $10 million on Christmas Day from the Oz Lotto. The Hervey Bay man is in his 20s and after winning the entire division one prize, he has already begun to plan his retirement.

He revealed that he had just gotten done with his Christmas dinner with the family and decided to go online and check his numbers after he sat down. He was in utter disbelief upon discovering that he had won $10 million. The young man said that he was retiring in his 20s, which was great and was going to purchase a house for his family. He said he didn’t want to rent anymore and was going to set up his young family. The man opted to not be identified and said they wanted to live comfortable in the future and be happy.

The man had bought his winning entry ticket online. Hervey Bay is known to have plenty of Australian lottery winners. It holds the record for the largest ever single division one prize, which was a Powerball jackpot of $70 million that was won in 2016 by grandparents. Similarly, there have also been other smaller winners from Hervey Bay. These smaller prizes are also $1 million or higher and most are from the Saturday Gold Lotto draws as it offers really good odds of winning to the lottery players.

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