$5m Oz lotto top prize won by two tickets from Melbourne

A $5 million top prize for a recent Oz Lotto has been claimed and won by two Melbourne natives. Both winners couldn’t deserve this anymore – it’s a fantastic story of winning. The two winning Oz Lotto tickets we bought in Melbourne and both had the identical set of 6 matching numbers for the draw that took place on December 27th.

The results for the Oz Lotto draw in question were 28, 33, 25, 34, 35, 7, & 27.

The two jackpot winning tickets were bought at the following locations:

  • Borrack Sq. Lotto & Gifts, Borrack Sq. North Altona
  • Pharmacy Victoria Harbour, Merchant St. Docklands

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Melbourne Jackpot Winner #1

The first jackpot winner was a Grandpa from the suburbs just outside of Melbourne. The happy go lucky Oz Lotto player said he couldn’t believe it when he looked at his ticket and realized he had 1 of the two winning tickets to match the $5 million jackpot.

The winner in question asked to be anonymous when he received a phone call from the Oz Lotto operators, Tatts, to confirm his win. Initially, our jackpot winning grandpa thought that the phone call was a prank, but eventually he was convinced after checking his ticket online while on the phone to the Tatts representative. Despite being now positive that this was not a prank call – the winner asked Tatts to call him back in an hour – he needed some time to breath!

During the hour between phone calls the man invited his family who live nearby to come over as he had some exciting news to share with them. When all the family members were over, he received another call from Tatts – this time he put the call on loudspeaker so all his family could hear the news. He had won $2.5 million on the Oz Lotto!

“I’ve been playing the lotto ever since it began, I haven’t missed a week, I never thought really that I would win but I figured it was worth a shot.” It was definitely worth more than just a shot!

The owner of the store that sold the winning ticket was equally ecstatic with the good news. “This is the third big win for our store and it’s just as exciting as the first!” said Mrs. Wenzler, the owner of Borrack Sq. Gifts where the winning ticket was sold.

Melbourne Jackpot Winner #2

The other half of the recent big win was bought in a pharmacy in Victoria and it was bought by a player who is preregistered with Tatts. This dynamic set up an interesting situation for our lucky Oz Lotto winner. Because they were registered with Tatts, Tatts were aware of the winner instantly…however, the winner in question was oblivious to the life changing event that had just happened to them.

Initially there was no pressure, until time passed and still no one had come forward to claim their winnings. It was at this stage that Tatts got proactive and put out adverts and messages to try and alert the winner to check their tickets and come forward to claim their Oz Lotto jackpot.

After a concerted effort by the organizers and members of the community in and around where the ticket was sold, eventually the winner was found!

Again, the winner asked to remain anonymous but we can tell you that she was over the moon to receive the news.

Two lucky Oz Lotto winners from Melbourne splitting a huge jackpot. Just make sure you don’t spend the money to quickly.

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