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When purchasing Oz Lotto tickets online all you need to do is select seven numbers from 1-45 on your tickets and you get the chance to win one of the prizes! The Oz Lotto is the #1 Australian lottery game and it also will draw two bonus balls for each draw and this can potentially double your good odds of winning the 6+1, 5+1 and 3+1 second, fourth and seventh prizes. When you purchase official Oz Lotto tickets online through our website you will also see a scan of your ticket in your account before wach draw with your online lottery official scanned tickets acccount. Use our number generator or manual selection when buying your tickets through our site to get the best of both worlds when picking numbers, on our website you can find out everything you want to know about the OZ Lotto and a variety of other Australian lottery games. The Oz Lotto is drawn on Tuesday at 10:40am GMT once per week. You can purchase single tickets or play a multi-line draw or even join an online OZ Lotto syndicate to improve your chances of winning with a large amount of extra tickets for each draw at the best price in the online world. On our website you can find results of the following Australian lotto games: Oz Lotto Results, Powerball Australia Results, Monday & Wednesday Lotto Results, Tattslotto Results, Set for Life Results, Saturday Lotto Results.

Oz Lottery is one of the unique lotto games that also chooses 2 extra bonus balls during each draw time. With these bonus numbers you get the chance to win a 6+1 second prize (worth tens of thousands of Australian dollars) and the 5+1 fourth prize (worth thousands of Australian dollars) and the 3+1 seventh prize, all of these prizes are unique to lottery games with 2 extra bonus balls and Oz Lotto is one of those unique games in this way. Australian Gold Lotto or X Lotto, also known as "Saturday Lotto" information is also available on this website.

There are also of special promotions and vouchers each month on our site where you get to save money when purchasing tickets online! You can get a %100 cashback bonus in your account when purchasing tickets for the first time and also enjoy a large variety of promotions! Just sign up to find out!

How to Win the Oz Lotto Jackpot

If you match 7 numbers you are the Oz Lotto jackpot winner! During November 2012 a few players won a huge jackpot of AUD$ 112,000,000 and the jackpot was split by the lucky winners, each of them had matched all of the 7 numbers and split the jackpot between them. The Australian game has a minimum jackpot of AUD$ 2 million guaranteed each week. There is no limit to the number of rollovers and when no one wins the jackpot continues to grow as long as no one matches the 7 numbers and can keeps growing without limit. Do you want a chance at grabbing the jackpot this week? Play Oz Lotto online on our website and after the draw you might just be a millionaire! On our website you can also check the draw results each week and see past draw results and statistics.

What Happens When You Win

After signing up and buying tickets, when you win a prize, you will be notified about the prize and your winnings will be added to your online lottery account emmediately. You will be able to use the winnings to buy more tickets or withdraw the winnings into your credit card or bank account at any time without any problem in FULL.

With huge jackpots once per week lottery lovers from around the globe choose to play the OZ Lotto online each week, the jackpots are huge and the game is simple and fun to play. You can play online from any country in the world and have a chance of grabbing the next big jackpot prize.

Australian Lotteries

While there is no denying that the American and European lotteries are some of the world’s biggest and most popular lotteries, they are not the only ones that exist. These lotteries might be known widely, but the fact is that winning any of these games is easier said than done. In contrast, lotteries Down Under can give you much better odds due to which they are also gaining world recognition.

Australian lotteries are getting a lot of traction amongst lottery players because they offer them a game every single day of the week and have excellent odds. Another reason lotteries in Australia are worth playing is because they not only have substantial prizes, but are also tax free.

If you are still unsure of why participating in Australian lottery games is a good idea, here are several reasons that can convince you:

    - First and foremost, you have a wide array of lottery games to choose from in Australia and this variety can be immensely appealing to a lot of lottery players. Furthermore, every single Australian lottery game has something special to offer to its participants.

    - Participating in Australian lotteries means that you get a chance to enter a draw on every day of the week.

    - The winning odds offered in most of the Australian lottery games are second to none and there is a good chance that you will take home a prize as opposed to the US Powerball or other European games.

    - One of the biggest benefits of participating in Australian lottery games is that you will be able to take home the entire lottery prize as they are 100% tax free.

In a nutshell, the jackpots associated with Australian lotteries are amazing, the odds of winning them are quite high and this has provided players with the right balance between wins and rollovers to keep everything exciting, interesting and fresh. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that some of these lotteries are immensely popular in various parts of the world. There are a ton of lottery games that can be found and some of the top ones are mentioned below:

Australia Monday Lotto

The first draw of the week is conducted on Monday nights and it follows the 6/45 format, which means that you have to choose six numbers between 1 and 45 and two bonus balls are also drawn and included in every draw for determining the secondary prizes to be given out. There is a fixed Division 1 prize that players can enjoy if they win the Monday Lotto and this amounts to AUS$1 million for every winner and four winners for every draw. However, if there are more than four winners who claim the Division 1 prize, the AUS$4 million prize pool is equally divided amongst them equally.

Australia Oz Lotto

The second lottery draw of the week is known as the Oz Lotto and it is conducted on Tuesday. This particular lottery paid out a record prize of AUS$ 112 million in November 2012, which is perhaps the biggest jackpot paid out in the country. The Oz Lotto has a 7/45 format, which means that seven numbers have to be picked between 1 and 45. Similar to the Monday Lotto, there are two bonus balls involved in the Oz Lotto as well and they are also drawn from the main drum. Again, these bonus balls are used for determining the second-tier prizes.

Australia Wednesday Lotto

The Australia Wednesday Lotto is conducted on Wednesday nights and this game established a record in January 2009 when it paid out a big prize worth AUS$ 6 million. In 2012, some changes were introduced in the lottery game and from then on, a fixed Division 1 prize is paid out to winners of the Wednesday Lotto, which is worth AUS$ 1 million. This prize is paid out to four winners and if there are more, split amongst them equally.

This game also follows the classic format of 6/45 and like with other lotteries Down Under, the secondary prizes are determined with the help of two bonus balls. When playing the Oz Lotto, players have the opportunity of winning six secondary prizes if they fail to win the jackpot.

Australia Powerball Lotto

This draw for this game is conducted every Thursday and taking its name from its US counterpart, the Australia Powerball Lotto is one of the biggest and most popular games in the country. It also has a spectacular jackpot record that was established in June 2009 when two winning tickets shared a whopping AUS$ 80 million.

In order to play the Australia Powerball, players have to select seven numbers out of 35 and there is also an additional Powerball range from 1 till 20. Nine prize divisions are available and the jackpot for this game begin at an impressive AUS$ 3 million and there is no rollover cap in place. Once the prize reaches AUS$ 10 million and every rollover brings the same amount meaning that you can win gigantic prize with this lottery game.

Australia Saturday Lotto

The Saturday Lotto is the main event for Saturday and it is one of the most widely played lottery games in the country. This national lottery is Australia is marketed under different names in different states such as Gold Lotto, Tattslotto, Saturday Lotto, Lotto and the X Lotto. These draws are all the same just with different names and you can purchase your tickets with ease. The starting jackpot for the Saturday Lotto is AUS$ 4 million and multiple winners often end up sharing the top prize. The jackpot record for this interesting lottery game was established in April 2008 in a Superdraw and was a mind-blowing AUS$ 47.9 million.

The Saturday Lotto is considered one of the most popular lotteries because of its jackpot prizes, lottery odds, ticket prices and no-tax policy, which makes it a great game to play. In order to participate in this game, the participants have to choose six numbers between the range of 1 and 45. Here again, two bonus balls are chosen from the primary drum and these numbers are used to determine four of the six secondary prizes that are associated with this lottery.

Special Superdraws are conducted by the Australia Saturday Lotto seven times a year. A starting jackpot, which is guaranteed, is offered in the Superdraw and is approximately AUS$ 20 million thereby making it extremely popular. Apart from that, a Megadraw is also staged by the Saturday Lotto once a year. It is usually held at the time of Christmas and New Year and offers an incredible jackpot prize of AUS$ 31 million.

Set for Life

The Set for Life draw is drawn on a daily basis and it has a prize fund that provides players with a fixed jackpot per month of AUS$ 20,000 for 20 years. The odds for this jackpot are 1 in 38 million. Ten numbers are chosen from a total of 37 out of which eight numbers are the main ones and the remaining two are supplementary.

The Pools

Also called the Australian Soccer Pools, participants are required to choose a combination of numbers that are related to around 38 upcoming football matches. The ranking for every match is determined according to the final score, which helps in generating the winning numbers. These winning numbers are chosen on Saturday and the prize pool begins at AUS$ 60,000.

Cash 3

This particular lottery game is only played in Western Australia and is conducted every night by choosing three numbers between 0 and 9. These three numbers are chosen randomly and the jackpot winning tickets have to match the exact order in which they are drawn. There are other prizes that are paid out for matching the number, but not in the same order. The prizes for this lottery game range between $40 and $500.

Super 66

The Super 66 draw is held after the main Saturday Lotto and is regarded as an add-on game that can only be played when a ticket for the main draw is purchased. A six digit number is drawn randomly and players have to match a sequence of the first or last numbers if they wish to win through their ticket. Thus, if the number drawn is 435642, then a fourth division prize would be paid out to anyone who was able to match 435 or 642, but not to someone who picked 3564 as the numbers don’t start or end the winning ones.

The overall odds of players winning any cash in this game are 1 in 50 and the minimum jackpot prize is about $16,666. The game is not available in NSW, ACT or any area where Lotto Strike is played.

Lotto Strike

This game also follows the same format as that of Super 66 and the first four main balls of the Saturday draw are used for determining the combo of winning numbers. Players can take home a prize if they are able to match their chosen balls with the sequence of the numbers drawn. The game is only played in ACT and NSW and jackpots for it begin at $100,000.

Lucky Lotteries

This game is drawn more like a raffle instead of a lottery and every ticket has a unique number, which means that the prizes don’t have to be shared amongst winners. The draw for Lucky Lotteries is conducted every day and the game guarantees a winner in every single draw. Essentially, there are two draws held with the first being the Super Jackpot and the second called Mega Jackpot. The latter costs more if you wish to enter it, but it also offers bigger prizes.

History of Australian Lotteries

On 24th June, 1972, Australia also joined the world of modern lottery when it held a television broadcast. The game played was actually a raffle and the jackpot in play was not more than AUS $50,000. It wasn’t until November 1979 that the first non-raffle draw was held and it followed the classic 6/40 format. The first prize that was paid out in the game was an impressive AUS $384,975. People from all over Australia can play any of these lotteries and even people from other parts of the world can now enjoy this wide variety of games online.

When the lotteries were first introduced, every game was run independently and was only operating in one state in the country. The title of the first Australian national lottery was taken up by the Oz Lotto when it was launched on February 22nd, 1994.

How to Win the Australian Lotteries

As mentioned above, the key is to choose the right numbers if you wish to win any of the different lottery games available in Australia. The odds are favorable, but you also have to choose the best possible numbers. There is no mathematical formula that can be used for this purpose, but there are some tips and tricks that can be useful. The first option is to go down the random route, which means choosing QuickPick. In this case, you let a machine generate random numbers for you that you then enter into the draw.

The principle behind this tactic is that as the lottery draw is random, the numbers you play should also be random. If that’s not what you want, you can go with the sentimental route. This means coming up with a lottery number combination that comprises of digits that are meaningful for you. These can be your lucky numbers, birth dates or any other important dates in your life or even your address. It is also a good idea to choose a combination of odd and even numbers like 3 odd and 3 even or 4 odd and 2 even and vice versa. It is very rare for straight odd or even numbers to be drawn.

Joining a lottery syndicate, in which a number of people pool in their money for buying additional tickets is also a way of improving your odds of winning an Australian lottery game.

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